Create Background Slideshow 0.9.6 Released

Written for Create Background Slideshow by Marc Stewart on 2010-06-24

Create Background Slideshow 0.9.6 adds images faster than ever by using cached thumbnails where possible. When it does have to generate new thumbnails, they are saved to the cache, speeding up future use (and helping the Nautilus file browser too). Even more slideshows can now be imported allowing almost any one to be edited and re-saved, and a man page has been included to provide complete documentation for the program.

Thanks to further translation work, Create Background Slideshow now offers full localisation to Ukrainian users. If you'd like to help the localisation effort for any other language, please visit and add what you can. (A Launchpad account is required but signing up is simple: click "Log In / Register" in the page's top-right corner to begin.)

About Create Background Slideshow:―
The GNOME desktop is able to use a sequence of images for its background wallpaper, changing them automatically over time, but does not include an interface for specifying which images should constitute such a slideshow. Create Background Slideshow (CreBS) is a small Python/GTK application that provides such an interface, saving users from having to manually edit XML files.

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