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Cricket Moods is a flexible "mood tag" WordPress plugin. It allows an author to add one or more "moods" to every post. Each mood can be associated with an image file. The result would be that the author could have an animated happy smiley face next to the words *I'm Happy!* for every post she wishes.

Cricket Moods presents you with a list of available moods when you go to create
or edit a post. There is no need for you to remember your list of moods. Using
an option panel in WordPress' administrative menus, you can rename your moods or
even change a mood's graphic without modifying every post that uses that mood.

Despite this plugin's name and my continual references to "moods", this plugin
can be used for more than just moods. For example, instead of displaying your
current mood, you could give your readers the current weather where you are.
You could rename the mood tags to things like "Sunny", "Overcast", and "Raining
Cats and Dogs." You could then upload little cloud and sun images and use those
with the tags instead of the pre-defined mood smilies. You could even leave the
tag text or the tag images blank to have either just text or just images.

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