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A small crossword puzzle library along with a GTK2 interface for playing and editing.

Game and editor with a GTK2 interface. Requires Python 2.5 and PyGTK (GTK >= 2.12). The original was written using PyQt4 (, this is a total rewrite. The new interface is for GTK2, others might be added.

Featues include:
    * GTK2 interface
    * Selecting cells
    * Copy and paste
    * Multiple solutions
    * Three types of scoring (Simple, Time Attack and Tournament)
    * Layered editing
    * Mirror edit for automatic symmetry
    * Printing (preview requires some external PostScript viewer)

To download and play the test version:
  bzr co lp:~peter-stockholm/crosswordpuzzle/trunk cwp
  cd cwp
  python (or for install: python install)

If you're trying out one of the source tarballs, just unpack it and run as described above.

If you want to submit your own crossword to be included, please do! You'll be mentioned in the README and as author of the puzzle.

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Peter Gebauer
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Latest version is 1.0rc1
released on 2009-02-25

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