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Crules is another dynamic language with the focus of being very expressive, fast and embedded into existing technologies!

Crules is a dynamic programming language that takes influences from Python , Perl and Haskell. The main motivation for this language was the concept or design of a new paradigm or feature which I call `rules'; where a rule is or can be an entry point which has dependencies rather than parameters. Though any rule can be overridden to have different or no dependencies. So the language itself can decide on the best course of actions for an operation, this then has the side effect of dependencies being preconditions for execution.

Though the mail goal of Crules now, is to create an extremely expressive language by mixing in some Functional Programming ideas with the simplicity of Procedural languages; but other features i am happy with are Lazy Evaluation, Object Orientation, Variadic and Anonymous Parameter Functions and Reflection. Which all make up an important part of a language being truly dynamic. These are just some of the features for the up comming release around February 2010 called (Prickly Pineapple), where it should hopefully meet the 1.0 language specifications i have been designing, from there i am targeting many more exciting features to make Crules a useful language for lazy and effective software development.

Crules is an interpreted language and is implemented in C, code and content is hosted at and tracked via Probably worth noting here that Crules is License under the terms of the GPLv3 see COPYING with the Crules source code. Copyright Crules Developers see AUTHORS.

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Latest version is 0.5-beta-2
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