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Camicri Cube 4.1 Released

Written for CubeGet by Camicri Systems on 2020-04-26

Release Notes:

Locked Cube UI version to 1.1
Fixed screenshot not working link
Fixed plus symbol not being recognized on package query
Fixed incorrect result return on installation

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Camicri Cube Series 4 Version 0.1-0 is now released!

Written for CubeGet by Camicri Systems on 2017-12-02

Camicri Cube Series 4 is a new series in Cube's line of development showcasing new user interface, and improved overall stability and speed.

Major Changes includes:

User Interface Revamp
     Rewrite of Cube's UI from JQuery and Bootstrap to VueJS and ElementUI

Faster communication between UI and Cube Server
     Re-implemented status checking from polling to event based via Web Sockets

Portable Setup
     No installation required. All Cube files now in a single directory.

Better Documentation
    With a newly created GitHub Pages for Cube

You can check Cube's site for the step-by-step tutorial on how to use Cube

Cube Server 0.1.184 has been released!

Written for CubeGet by Camicri Systems on 2017-08-20

This release contains bug fixes from the last release, making the Cube server more stable and accurate in checking for package dependencies.

No new features have been added, but we are planning to revamp the user interface and perform code optimization for the next release.

If you have encountered problems while using this new version, please send us a bug report for us to fix the problem immediately. Thank you!

Recompiled Windows Version for Cube Server 0.1.173 Released!

Written for CubeGet by Camicri Systems on 2017-04-04

We have received reports about crashing of Cube Server in Windows OS. It is stable in Linux and we believed that the issue is caused by the build environment we are using for Windows version.

With this, we recompiled the Cube Server 0.1.173 to a more stable building environment, MSYS.
We also used the latest Vala compiler version (0.34) to ensure more stable executable.

We hope that this recompilation solves the issue on our Cube Server Windows version.

If you still encounter problems using this application on Windows, please inform us.

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Cube Server 0.1.173 has been released!

Written for CubeGet by Camicri Systems on 2016-08-14

Heres whats new:
- Full Debian Support
- New downloader 'aria2c' to support proxy authentication
- Browser integrated terminal (via ShellInABox)
You can now see the installation output in the web browser
- Critical Bug fixes

Installers for Linux and Windows are now uploaded and ready to be downloaded in our Launchpad page:

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