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Release notes 

This is the second release of curtin this year.


* Support for advanced storage config on Centos
* Dname utilizes persistent disk attributes (serial, wwn)
* Improved mount entries, supporting non-device mounts like bind, tmpfs
* Improved wiping of existing configurations (bcache, mdadm, lvm, msdos)
* Utilize new apt format when writing preserve_source_lists
* block-meta mode=simple uses clear-holders to wipe disks


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 - Adjust helpers/common to edit GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in place.
   (LP: #1527664)
 - dname: persistent names based on serial or wwn (LP: #1735839)
 - Fix bug in is_swap_device if a device was smaller than page_size.
   (LP: #1803672)
 - vmtest: add disco tests [Joshua Powers]
 - unittest: change directory to tmpdir for testing relative files.
 - Add clear-holders to meta-simple (LP: #1786736)
 - vmtests: check install log for Out of memory kernel messages and fail
 - unittest: correctly use tmpdir for my.img [Joshua Powers] (LP: #1803611)
 - block_meta: use wipe config when clearing partitions (LP: #1800153)
 - tests: fix vmtests for apt perserve_source_list changes
 - apt: Use new format apt config when writing preserve_sources_list.
   (LP: #1735950)
 - vmtests: multipath mount /home with nofail and validate in unittest
 - vmtests: fix common collect scripts to not exit failure.
 - vmtest: handle collect disk unpack failure
 - vmtests: dont use multiple subclasses in uefi 4k tests
 - vmtests: disable snapd/seeding to avoid boot hang
 - jenkins-runner: fix when using --filter only
 - distro: fix system_upgrade command using string instead of function
   (LP: #1796968)
 - Capture stdout when using lxc file push
 - vmtest: boot ephemeral with 'ro' on the kernel command line.
 - vmtest: Fix typo in skip-by-date.
 - vmtest: kick skip-by-date for 1671951.
 - tools/jenkins-runner: Error if both filters and tests are given.
 - vmtests: prevent tests from modifying cls.collect_scripts
 - Enable custom storage configuration for centos images
 - vmtest: ensure we collect /var/log/journal only once
 - Don't allow reads of /proc and modprobe zfs through
 - clear-holders: handle missing zpool/zfs tools when wiping (LP: #1782744)
 - clear-holders: rescan for lvm devices after assembling raid arrays
   (LP: #1783413)
 - vmtest: enable persistent journal and collect at boot time
 - Add timing and logging functions.
 - parse_dpkg_version: support non-numeric in version string. (LP: #1786795)
 - Add main so that 'python3 -m curtin' does the right thing.
 - Add subcommand 'features'.
 - block: use uuid4 (random) when autogenerating UUIDS for filesystems
   (LP: #1785356)
 - vmtests: Increase size of root filesystems.
 - clear-holders: reread ptable after wiping disks with partitions
 - vmtest: Skip proposed pocket on dev release when 'proposed' in ADD_REPOS.
 - tests: remove Ubuntu Artful [Joshua Powers]
 - vmtests: Let a raised SkipTest go through skip_by_date.
 - vmtests: Increase root fs to give upgrades to -proposed more space.
 - vmtest: Order the vmtest_pollinate late_command earlier.
 - vmtest: always add 'curtin/vmtest' to installed pollinate user_agent.
 - vmtests: make skip_by_date a decorator that runs and reports.
 - vmtests: always declare certain attributes and remove redundant tests.
 - vmtests: Add Cosmic release to tests [Joshua Powers]
 - vmtests: skip TrustyTestMdadmBcache until 2019-01-22.
 - tox: use simplestreams from git repository rather than bzr.
 - document that you can set ptable on raids [Michael Hudson-Doyle]
 - vmtests: move skip-by date of xfs root and xfs boot out 1 year.
 - vmtests: network_mtu move fixby date out 4 months from last value
 - Fix WorkingDir class to support already existing target directory.
   (LP: #1775622)
 - Fix extraction of local filesystem image. (LP: #1775630)
 - Fix tip-pyflakes imported but unused call to util.get_platform_arch
 - subp: update return value of subp with combine_capture=True.
 - tox: add a xenial environments, default envlist changes.
 - tests: Fix race on utcnow during timestamped curtin-log dir creation
   (LP: #1772481)
 - curtainer: patch source version from --source.
 - pyflakes: fix unused variable references identified by pyflakes 2.0.0.
 - tests: replace usage of mock.assert_called
 - tools: jenkins-runner show curtin version in output.
 - zfs: implement a supported check to handle i386 (LP: #1768709)
 - Support mount entries not tied to a device, including bind and tmpfs.
   (LP: #1767979)
 - block/clear_holders/mdadm: refactor handling of layered device wiping
   (LP: #1768893, #1769742)
 - clear_holders: only export zpools that have been imported (LP: #1770280)
 - vmtests: allow env control of apt, system_upgrade, package upgrade
 - util.get_efibootmgr: filter bootorder by found entries (LP: #1767584)
 - vmtests: adjust lvm_iscsi dnames to match configuration
 - vmtest: always boot with BOOTIF and ip=:::::BOOTIF:dhcp
 - make_dname for bcache should use backing device uuid
 - zfsroot: add additional checks, do not require disk 'serial' attribute
   (LP: #1760879, #1760880)
 - clear-holders: fix lvm name use when shutting down (LP: #1764602)
 - install: prevent unmount: disabled from swallowing installation failures
   (LP: #1764210)
 - vmtest: bionic images no longer use the vlan package
 - pycodestyle: Fix invalid escape sequences in string literals.
 - Drop ubuntu branch management script new-upstream-snapshot.

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