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A flexible work platform for developing of all kind

D-cm is a program aimed to help developers in making their job more easy.
D-CM is a program that brings together all those apps you otherwise would need to run separate.
(I'm thinking of a file-manager,ftp-manager,text-editor,sql,...)

You probably think "Why would I want your program if you just combine them in one program?"
well here are three possible answers:
-Speed: You (at least I) work much faster when everything is structured and fits together, without d-cm you would always have to switch windows, ...
-Integration: everything is made with the eye to work together with other parts of the program, every piece of the program should be able to change the program to it's needs
-Personality: Because d-cm uses a smart addon-system you can easily delete and add addons to your taste and make it actually "the tool" you need and not a tool from which you loved to see something added and to see something deleted.

What else do you need?

Minimal D is the newest piece of software in this scenario, it has (almost) the same features ad d-cm but is much compacter as d-cm. It is only a small window which is btw much easier and faster to use as the default d-cm which is very large and for beginners not that easy.

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minimal series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is m0.2
released on 2010-09-30

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  • Minimal arrived on 2010-08-16
    The first version of minimal D is uploaded to
  • Minimal Coming on 2010-08-16
    D-cm has not progressed in the past eight weeks, and thus I'm announcing a ve...
  • 0.2 Alpha Released on 2010-06-20
    I released the 0.2-alpha - full version yesterday. I'm looking for testers t...
  • 0.1 Release skipped on 2010-05-30
    While the alpha (buggy) release of 0.1 is available, I'm not going to release...