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darktable is an opensource photo workflow and raw editor software developped since 2009. This is Aurélien Pierre's fork of darktable.

A friendly fork of darktable, with UI & usability modifications non approved by the core darktable team. This fork targets high-end retouchers and professionnals photographer more specifically than the base project, with efficiency and reproductibility in mind.

Warning : this is a testing repository with cutting-edge features that can break your existing darktable database. It is fully compatible with the official darktable, but the official darktable is not fully compatible with it.

Please, backup your darktable database (every .sql file in ~/.config/darktable/) and work on duplicate raw files (or backup the existing .xmp files) if you plan on going back to the original version.

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Aurélien PIERRE
Aurélien PIERRE

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