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Dateutils are a bunch of tools that revolve around fiddling with dates and times in the command line with a strong focus on use cases that arise when dealing with large amounts of financial data.

Dateutils commands are prefixed with a d but otherwise resemble known unix commands for reasons of intuition. The only exception being strptime which is analogous to the libc function of the same name.

- strptime Command line version of the C function
- dadd Add durations to dates or times
- dconv Convert dates or times between calendars
- ddiff Compute durations between dates or times
- dgrep Grep dates or times in input streams
- dround Round dates or times to “fuller” values
- dseq Generate sequences of dates or times
- dtest Compare dates or times
- dzone Convert date/times to timezones in bulk

Dateutils are hosted primarily on github:

- project homepage:
- github page:
- issue tracker:
- downloads:

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