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Jason Gerard DeRose
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Release notes 

Added new monotonic ID function `dbase32.log_id()`.

The first 4 bytes are from the time in seconds since the Unix Epoch, truncated to a 32 bit unsigned int (which wont overflow till the year 2106, although the point here is being *generally* monotonic, not storing a timestamp).

The remaining 11 bytes are from /dev/urandom. 120-bits in total, 88 of which are (presumably) of a high quality random nature.

The resulting 15 byte binary ID is then Dbase32 encoded, giving you a 24 byte UTF-8 ID.

By using a generally monotonic ID, the b-tree will tend to grow in a more space efficient manner compared to IDs where the leading bytes are random. Especially after a compaction, monotonic IDs will usually give you a dramatic space savings.

This sort of ID is aimed at event logging in Dmedia and Novacut, cases where having the IDs sort in roughly chronological order nicely matches the typically access pattern.


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