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DCBouncer is a bouncer / proxy for Direct Connect networks (used by DC++). It's a little program that you start up on your remote server, and that stays connected all the time to your favorite hubs. Instead of connecting to the hub directly, you connect to DCBouncer (residing on your remote server) and DCBouncer connects to the hub. DCBouncer then ensures communication between you and the hub. While you are offline, DCBouncer stays connected to the hub and it logs messages that you miss; then when you log back in, it forwards them all back to you.

DCBouncer supports both the ADC <> and the (old) NMDC protocols.
DCBouncer supports secure TLS connections.

DCBouncer uses:
- Anders Hedström's C++ Sockets Library <> for its networking functions.
- Jacek Sieka's DC++ <> for some ADC functions.

Take a look at the included "README" file for more information.

Feel free to use the Launchpad interface for this project <> or e-mail me directly <> for any feedback / suggestion / bug.

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