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DC++ 0.868 is now available

Written for DC++ by poy on 2018-11-25

A year after the previous version, DC++ 0.868 is now available with various library updates (notably OpenSSL 1.1.1 with TLS 1.3 support) and a revised selection of public hub lists.

New public hub lists will get auto-added to your collection upon update; a "Reset hub lists" button is also available should you want to clean them up.

This version has gone through the usual release testing cycle and should be safe to upgrade to; upgrading is strongly advised.

Note: Windows Vista and pre-SSE3 CPUs are no longer supported by DC++.

DC++ 0.867 is out

Written for DC++ by eMTee on 2017-10-21

This new version of DC++ fixes a publicly disclosed remote crash issue that present all older versions released in the last 10 years or so which means this update is essential for everyone using DC++ in public or private networks.

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DC++ 0.866 is out

Written for DC++ by eMTee on 2017-05-20

This new version of DC++ fixes a serious issue that allows remote denial of service attacks (freezing the client remotely by any user of connected hubs) as well as improves UPnP port mapping which might fix certain issues with the automatic connectivity setup.
Upgrading to DC++ 0.866 is strongly recommended.

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DC++ 0.865 is out and stable

Written for DC++ by eMTee on 2017-02-07

DC++ 0.865 has been released. zlib and OpenSSL libraries have been updated; the compression issue found in the previous version has been fixed.
Upgrading to DC++ 0.865 is highly recommended.

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DC++ 0.864 has been pulled out

Written for DC++ by eMTee on 2017-01-19

Tests with the 0.864 version of DC++ have uncovered a transfer issue (see so the release has been removed. It never made it to the "stable" status.

Please keep using version 0.863 for now.

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