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DDRescue-GUI is a GUI that was designed to make it easier to use GNU ddrescue (A Command-Line data recovery tool). It provides a simple graphical method for using ddrescue. It's designed to be as user-friendly as possible so users new to Linux can use ddrescue easily.

DDRescue-GUI is a simple GUI written in Python 2 designed to make the data recovery tool, ddrescue, easier for beginners to use. It's designed for Linux, and more recently Apple OS X, as KDiskRescue appears to be abandoned, with the last update in 2006. DDRescue-GUI is desgined to look native on almost all Desktop Environments, so whichever one you use, it should look familiar.

DDRescue-GUI uses very few resources, so it'll run on almost any system, and give you the best battery life possible on laptops. DDRescue-GUI is cross-platform: It's runs on Linux and macOS (previously known as OS X). For the macOS package, everything is bundled with DDRescue-GUI, including ddrescue, so there are no system requirements outside of the default macOS installation.

To get the latest news on DDRescue-GUI and my other programs, see my blog at

Note that this program uses GNU ddrescue, not the outdated dd_rescue, and it's available in my package archive for automatic updates at:

Thanks also to Minnie McIntyre-Bhatty, who assisted with GUI design, and to Bhuna, who created the icon for this program, and the splash image.

Windows and macOS builds can be found at:

I hope you enjoy using this program,
and you can check out my other packages at

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