DDRescue-GUI 2.1.1

Despite the minor new version number, this release packs quite a lot of changes:

- Support for Windows.
- Dropped support and workarounds for Python 2.
- Compatible with wxPython 4.1.x.
- Much smaller macOS bundle size.

See the blog post at https://www.hamishmb.com/blog for all the details.

NOTE for Linux users:

GetDevInfo needs to be installed before you can install this - head over to https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=getdevinfo or https://launchpad.net/getdevinfo/ to download it first.

Ubuntu 16.04 users also need to install wxpython4.0 from my PPA, either by adding the PPA (below), or downloading and manually installing wxpython4.0.

An alternate way to make this easier for Ubuntu users is to add my PPA to your system (see https://launchpad.net/~hamishmb/+archive/ubuntu/myppa).


*** Deprecated ***
- This is the last release to support macOS 10.9 Mavericks.

UPDATE 4/9/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with the Fedora 33 development builds.

UPDATE 29/9/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with the Ubuntu 20.10 development builds. A build will be provided in the PPA shortly.

UPDATE 13/11/2020: This package has been confirmed to work with macOS Big Sur (11.0).

UPDATE 18/1/2020: Windows 7 is now supported in the Windows bundle.

UPDATE 21/1/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with the Ubuntu 21.04 development builds.

UPDATE 1/7/2021: This package has been confirmed to work with Ubuntu 21.04 and Fedora 34.

NOTE: Windows and macOS builds can be found at: https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=ddrescue-gui

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download icon ddrescue-gui_2.1.1~otherdistro-0ubuntu1~ppa1.tar.gz (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Other Linux Distributions (Source Code) 4,462
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DDRescue-GUI (2.1.1):

  * Changes since v2.1.0:
  * Drop support and workarounds for Python 2.
  * Make DDRescue-GUI compatible with wxPython 4.1.0.
  * Various fixes for Cygwin, including fixing a potential memory leak.
  * Make developer docs more mobile friendly.
  * Fix unmounting output files on certain versions of macOS.
  * Add the .desktop file to the repository.

 -- Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty

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