DDRescue-GUI 2.0.1

This is an improvement upon v2.0.0, and fixes several important bugs. There are no major changes, but it is still worth downloading this for all new installations.

For all the details, see the blog post at https://www.hamishmb.com/blog.

NOTE for Linux users:

GetDevInfo needs to be installed before you can install this - head over to https://www.hamishmb.com/html/downloads.php?program_name=getdevinfo or https://launchpad.net/getdevinfo/1.x/1.0.2 to download it first.

Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 users need the Python 2 version, and everybody else will need the Python 3 version.

An alternate way to make this easier for Ubuntu users is to add my PPA to your system (see https://launchpad.net/~hamishmb/+archive/ubuntu/myppa).

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Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty
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download icon DDRescue-GUI.dmg (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For macOS 10.9 or Higher 664
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
download icon ddrescue-gui_2.0.1~bionic-0ubuntu1~ppa1_all.deb (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Ubuntu 18.04 or Higher 761
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download icon ddrescue-gui_2.0.1~trusty-0ubuntu1~ppa1_all.deb (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Ubuntu 14.04 - 16.04 387
last downloaded 6 days ago
download icon ddrescue-gui-2.0.1-1.1-f29.noarch.rpm (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Fedora 29 or Higher 127
last downloaded 7 days ago
download icon ddrescue-gui-2.0.1-1.1-f28.noarch.rpm (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Fedora 28 40
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon ddrescue-gui_2.0.1~pmagic-0ubuntu1~ppa1.tar.gz (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Parted Magic 62
last downloaded 2 days ago
download icon ddrescue-gui_2.0.1~otherdistro-0ubuntu1~ppa1.tar.gz (md5, sig) DDRescue-GUI For Other Linux Distributions (Source Code) 902
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
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ddrescue-gui (2.0.1):

  * Changes since v2.0.0:
  * Replace wx.Yield() with wx.GetApp().Yield() (deprecation warning).
  * Don't automatically add file extensions for files under /dev (bug).
  * macOS - Remove the all files wildcard to prevent weird behaviour
  * Note in about box that Python and wxPython are bundled with macOS too - more clarity.
  * Add GetDevInfo version to about box.
  * Fix an issue when selecting map files.
  * Move version and release date info to the left a bit in the statusbar - looks better on some platforms.
  * Don't catch the general exception class when running getdevinfo.
  * Code clean up with pylint.
  * Fix aborting the recovery on some newer version of Linux (workaround for psmisc/killall issue #13 in gitlab).

-- Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty

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