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linux (4.5.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream stable update:
    - hwmon: (max1111) Return -ENODEV from max1111_read_channel if not
    - PKCS#7: pkcs7_validate_trust(): initialize the _trusted output argument
    - [hppa] Fix SIGSYS signals in compat case
    - [hppa] Fix and enable seccomp filter support
    - [hppa] Avoid function pointers for kernel exception routines
    - [hppa] Fix kernel crash with reversed copy_from_user()
    - [hppa] Unbreak handling exceptions from kernel modules
    - ALSA: timer: Use mod_timer() for rearming the system timer
    - mm: fix invalid node in alloc_migrate_target()
    - [powerpc*] mm: Fixup preempt underflow with huge pages
    - [s390x] /mm: handle PTE-mapped tail pages in fast gup
    - [x86] libnvdimm: fix smart data retrieval
    - [x86] libnvdimm, pfn: fix uuid validation
    - [powerpc*] process: Fix altivec SPR not being saved
    - compiler-gcc: disable -ftracer for __noclone functions
    - drm/dp: move hw_mutex up the call stack
    - drm/udl: Use unlocked gem unreferencing
    - [x86] drm/amd/powerplay: fix segment fault issue in multi-display case.
    - [x86] drm/amdgpu/gmc: move vram type fetching into sw_init
    - [x86] drm/amdgpu/gmc: use proper register for vram type on Fiji
    - xen/events: Mask a moving irq
    - net: validate variable length ll headers
    - ax25: add link layer header validation function
    - packet: validate variable length ll headers
    - bpf: avoid copying junk bytes in bpf_get_current_comm()
    - qlcnic: Remove unnecessary usage of atomic_t
    - qlcnic: Fix mailbox completion handling during spurious interrupt
    - macvtap: always pass ethernet header in linear
    - bridge: allow zero ageing time
    - ipv4: Don't do expensive useless work during inetdev destroy.
    - net: Fix use after free in the recvmmsg exit path
    - mlx4: add missing braces in verify_qp_parameters
    - farsync: fix off-by-one bug in fst_add_one
    - ath9k: fix buffer overrun for ar9287
    - [armhf] net: mvneta: Fix spinlock usage
    - ppp: ensure file->private_data can't be overridden
    - tcp/dccp: remove obsolete WARN_ON() in icmp handlers
    - qlge: Fix receive packets drop.
    - bonding: fix bond_get_stats()
    - ipv4: fix broadcast packets reception
    - ipv4: initialize flowi4_flags before calling fib_lookup()
    - ppp: take reference on channels netns
    - xfrm: Fix crash observed during device unregistration and decryption
    - ipv6: udp: fix UDP_MIB_IGNOREDMULTI updates
    - bridge: Allow set bridge ageing time when switchdev disabled
    - rtnl: fix msg size calculation in if_nlmsg_size()
    - tun, bpf: fix suspicious RCU usage in tun_{attach, detach}_filter
    - tuntap: restore default qdisc
    - ipv4: l2tp: fix a potential issue in l2tp_ip_recv
    - ipv6: l2tp: fix a potential issue in l2tp_ip6_recv
    - ip6_tunnel: set rtnl_link_ops before calling register_netdevice
    - ipv6: Count in extension headers in skb->network_header
    - mpls: find_outdev: check for err ptr in addition to NULL check
    - USB: uas: Limit qdepth at the scsi-host level
    - USB: uas: Add a new NO_REPORT_LUNS quirk
    - [x86] KVM: Inject pending interrupt even if pending nmi exist
    - [x86] KVM: reduce default value of halt_poll_ns parameter
    - pinctrl: pistachio: fix mfio84-89 function description and pinmux.
    - pinctrl: sunxi: Fix A33 external interrupts not working
    - pinctrl: freescale: imx: fix bogus check of of_iomap() return value
    - au0828: fix au0828_v4l2_close() dev_state race condition
    - au0828: Fix dev_state handling
    - coda: fix error path in case of missing pdata on non-DT platform
    - v4l: vsp1: Set the SRU CTRL0 register when starting the stream
    - pcmcia: db1xxx_ss: fix last irq_to_gpio user
    - rbd: use GFP_NOIO consistently for request allocations
    - mac80211: properly deal with station hashtable insert errors
    - mac80211: avoid excessive stack usage in sta_info
    - mac80211: fix ibss scan parameters
    - mac80211: fix unnecessary frame drops in mesh fwding
    - mac80211: fix txq queue related crashes
    - [armhf] gpio: pca953x: Use correct u16 value for register word write
    - scsi: Do not attach VPD to devices that don't support it
    - [armel,armhf]: 8550/1: protect idiv patching against undefined
      gcc behavior
    - iio: fix config watermark initial value
    - iio: st_magn: always define ST_MAGN_TRIGGER_SET_STATE
    - iio: accel: bmc150: fix endianness when reading axes
    - iio: gyro: bmg160: fix buffer read values
    - iio: gyro: bmg160: fix endianness when reading axes
    - sd: Fix excessive capacity printing on devices with blocks bigger than
      512 bytes
    - fs: add file_dentry() (Closes: #821442)
      + nfs: use file_dentry()
      + ext4 crypto: use dget_parent() in ext4_d_revalidate()
      + ext4: use dget_parent() in ext4_file_open()
      + ext4: use file_dentry()
    - btrfs: fix crash/invalid memory access on fsync when using overlayfs
    - ext4: ignore quota mount options if the quota feature is enabled
    - iommu: Don't overwrite domain pointer when there is no default_domain
    - Btrfs: fix file/data loss caused by fsync after rename and new inode
    - [arm64] replace read_lock to rcu lock in call_step_hook
    - mmc: sdhci: Fix regression setting power on Trats2 board
    - ALSA: hda - Fix regression of monitor_present flag in eld proc file
    - [x86] ALSA: usb-audio: Skip volume controls triggers hangup on Dell
      USB Dock
    - HID: wacom: fix Bamboo ONE oops
    - HID: usbhid: fix inconsistent reset/resume/reset-resume behavior

  [ Salvatore Bonaccorso ]
  * [x86] xen: suppress hugetlbfs in PV guests (CVE-2016-3961)
  * [x86] USB: usbip: fix potential out-of-bounds write (CVE-2016-3955)

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * fs: Consolidate softdep declarations in each module
  * Bump ABI to 2
  * [armel/marvell] dts: kirkwood: fix SD slot default configuration for OpenRD
    (Closes: #811351)
  * atl2: Disable unimplemented scatter/gather feature (CVE-2016-2117)
  * [x86] sound/soc/intel: Enable SND_SOC_INTEL_BYTCR_RT5640_MACH (replacing
    SND_SOC_INTEL_BYT_RT5640_MACH; closes: #822267),
    SND_SOC_INTEL_SKL_NAU88L25_MAX98357A_MACH as modules
  * module: Invalidate signatures on force-loaded modules
  * linux-source: Fix up module signing configuration in included kernel
    config files
  * README.Debian: Change more URLs to use https: scheme
  * [sparc] Implement and wire up hotplug and modalias_show for vio, thanks to
    Adrian Glaubitz (Closes: #815977)
  * linux-headers: Avoid mixed implicit and normal rules in Makefile, thanks to
    Thierry Herbelot (Closes: #822666)
  * memcg: remove lru_add_drain_all() invocation from mem_cgroup_move_charge()
    (Closes: #822084)
  * linux-perf: Add build-time check for unversioned files that are likely to
    result in file conflicts
  * linux-perf: Move tips.txt to /usr/share/doc/linux-perf-<version>
    (Closes: #821741)
  * tools/build: Fix bpf(2) feature test (fixes FTBFS on alpha, sh4;
    closes: #822364)
  * [armhf] Disable FB_OMAP2; it is redundant and conflicting with DRM_OMAP
  * [armhf] mm: Enable CMA, DMA_CMA
  * Input: gtco - fix crash on detecting device without endpoints

  [ Aurelien Jarno ]
  * [mips*] Emulate unaligned LDXC1 and SDXC1 instructions.

  [ Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig ]
  * [armhf] enable NET_DSA and available switch drivers as modules.

 -- Ben Hutchings <email address hidden>  Thu, 28 Apr 2016 18:03:18 +0200

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