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php5 (5.3.3-7+squeeze8) squeeze-security; urgency=low

  * Deprecated error should use E_DEPRECATED and not E_WARNING
    (Closes: #632838)
  * CVE-2012-0781: Fix for Tidy::diagnose() NULL pointer dereference
  * CVE-2011-4153: Fix PHP 5 does not always check the return value of
    the zend_strndup function
  * CVE-2010-4697: use-after-free vulnerability
  * CVE-2011-1092: denial of service and possible data disclosure
    through integer overflow
  * CVE-2011-1148: improve reference counting
  * CVE-2011-1464: limit amount of precision to ensure fitting within
  * CVE-2011-1467: check for invalid attribute symbols in
  * CVE-2011-1468: fix memory leak of openssl contexts
  * CVE-2011-1469: improve pointer handling to fix denial of service
    through application crash when using HTTP proxy with the FTP wrapper
  * CVE-2011-1470: denial of service through application crash when
    handling ziparchive streams
  * CVE-2011-1657: DoS in zip handling due to addGlob() crashing on
    invalid flags
  * CVE-2011-3182: DoS due to failure to check for memory allocation
  * CVE-2011-3267: DoS in errorlog() when passed NULL
  * CVE-2012-0788: PDORow session denial of service
  * CVE-2012-0831: magic_quotes_gpc remote disable vulnerability
    (NOTE: magic_quotes_gpc is DEPRECATED and will be removed from
    PHP 5.4, e.g. you should not use them in any case!)
  * CVE-2011-1072,CVE-2011-1144: symlink tmp races in pear install

 -- Ondřej Surý <email address hidden>  Fri, 10 Feb 2012 10:21:11 +0100


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