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Published in buster-release on 2018-04-17
Published in sid-release on 2018-04-11
cmucl (21c-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Team upload.
  * Move Build-Depends on cmucl (and some other libs) to Build-Depends-Arch,
    so that arch:all packages can be built on amd64 buildds.
  * Remove spurious files that had sneaked in release 21c-2.

 -- S├ębastien Villemot <email address hidden>  Wed, 11 Apr 2018 20:16:25 +0200
Superseded in sid-release on 2018-04-12
cmucl (21c-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Team upload.
  * Update Vcs-* fields for move to salsa.
  * Set Maintainer to debian-common-lisp@l.d.o.
  * Remove obsolete README.source.
  * Use secure URL for Homepage.
  * Fix d/watch.
  * Remove unneeded Build-Depends on a2ps.

 -- S├ębastien Villemot <email address hidden>  Wed, 11 Apr 2018 14:31:09 +0200
Superseded in buster-release on 2018-04-17
Superseded in sid-release on 2018-04-11
cmucl (21c-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Imported new upstream version 21c
  * Updated Standard version, no real changes 
  * Use https URL in debian/watch 

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Fri, 03 Nov 2017 06:58:59 +0100
Superseded in buster-release on 2017-11-09
Published in stretch-release on 2016-09-04
Superseded in sid-release on 2017-11-03
cmucl (21a-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * clarify PCL license request. (Closes: #821150)
  * Added Brazilian Portuguese debconf translation
    (Closes: #816927)
  * use https for reference 
  * Fix hardening options in rules 
  * Really remove check for common-lisp-controller in site-init.lisp

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Mon, 14 Dec 2015 10:26:38 +0100
Deleted in stretch-release (Reason: None provided.)
Superseded in sid-release on 2016-08-29
cmucl (21a-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix "FTBFS (missing build-depends)" by adding a Build-Depends on
    hardening-includes and cleaning up the build environment.
    (Closes: #806246)

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Wed, 14 Oct 2015 14:30:35 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-12-20
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-12-14
cmucl (21a-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Make cmucl-docs and cmucl-source 'Multi-Arch: foreign' as suggested by
    Aaron M. Ucko. (Closes: #801694) 

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Mon, 05 Oct 2015 07:01:02 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-10-20
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-10-14
cmucl (21a-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Imported new upstream. For a list of changes see:

    Highlights are:

    * LISP:WITH-STRING-CODEPOINT-ITERATOR added to iterate over the
      codepoints in a string. This works the same as 
    * LISP:WITH-STRING-GLYPH-ITERATOR added to iterate over the glyphs
      in a string.  Works like WITH-HASH-TABLE-ITERATOR.
    * LOOP supports new extended keywords
       (loop for cp being the codepoint of string ...)
      codepoints, code-point, and code-points are aliases for codepoint.
       (loop for g-string being the glpyh of string ...)
      glyphs is an alias for glpyh. 
    * Added clx-inspector module.
    * The external-format :UTF is no longer an alias for :UTF-8.
  * Remove the patch to remove Xp, upstream removed it. 
  * Remove check for common-lisp-controller in site-init.lisp 
  * cmucl-source might be Indep, but we still need to Depend on it 
  * Remove cmucl-source dependency on cl-asdf as we already ship it. 

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Sun, 05 Jul 2015 09:19:01 +0000
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-10-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-10-07
cmucl (20f-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Remove reference to Xp. This library seems not to be used in reality.
    (Closes: #789515)

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Thu, 04 Jun 2015 11:10:21 +0000
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-07-11
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-07-05
cmucl (20f-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. Changes: 
    This fixes:
     - "segfault" with newer kernels (Closes: #723679)

  * Build now created linux-n not anymore build-n
  * Use canonical URL for git repository
  * Updated Standard Version, no major changes
  * Upstream now only supports SSE2 builds, no more x87 only,
    modified to cmucl.1 manpage to reflect this.
  * include updated watch file from
    thanks to bartm.
  * Don't copy the clx and hemlock sources twice into the cmucl-source
    package. Thanks to the dedup project. 
  * use pathfind in prerm to avoid lintian warning 
  * Now using debhelper compatibility level 9 
  * Removed references to pre-historic versions and conflicts 
  * Enable debian hardening options 
  * Prevented duplicate conf-file by running dh_buildep with 
    appropriate options 
  * Fix "FTBFS: build-indep needed for binary-arch" by moving the 
    cmucl-clm documentation to cmucl-docs. This builds on the previous
    entry which implemented the --arch --indep seperation.

    Thanks for Paul Gevers <email address hidden> for the patch.

    (Closes: #683398)
  * Fix "clean target does not clean up all created files" by 
    importing the patch from Paul Gevers <email address hidden>.
    (Closes: #728045)
  * Added the Italian translation of debconf messages.
    (Closes: #737220)
  * disable the gray-stream-examples-protection.patch as it
    breaks the gray-streams in fact.
  * Use the motif packages instead of lesstif.
  * Fix the Vcs-Git URL

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Thu, 04 Jun 2015 05:02:05 +0000
Deleted in jessie-release (Reason: None provided.)
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-06-04
cmucl (20c-2.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Transition from lesstif2 to motif (Closes: #714655)
  * Build depend on libxt-dev (was pulled in by lesstif2 until now)
  * Add patch to not link against libXp (it is going to be removed
    from Debian, see bug #657253) and other unnecessary libraries
    (libXext was no build dependency anyways)
  * Add patch to prevent endless loop during build (Closes: #728044)
  * Prevent building twice by touching build-*-stamp
  * Prevent dublicate control entries by calling dh_builddeb only on the
    proper target

 -- Paul Gevers <email address hidden>  Tue, 29 Oct 2013 22:10:09 +0100
Superseded in jessie-release on 2013-11-15
Published in wheezy-release on 2012-02-03
Superseded in sid-release on 2013-11-10
cmucl (20c-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Actually reference the changelog for 20c, not 19d!
  * Remove unneeded postinst/prerm for cmucl-source. (Closes: #656317)

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Mon, 23 Jan 2012 06:24:27 +0000
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-01-23
cmucl (20c-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release: 20c. Lots of changes see:
  * Add workaround for gcc-4.6 over-optimization. (Closes: #483331)
  * Added Danish translation. (Closes: #626735)
  * Document workaround-for-gcc-4.6-overoptimization patch
  * Updated Standards-Version, no real changes
  * Remove the 'The''s in the Descriptions
  * Removed non-required changelog files
  * Improved cmucl package description
  * Stop using common-lisp-controller and dh-lisp
  * Prepare for release

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Tue, 17 Jan 2012 13:54:26 +0000
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2012-02-03
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-01-18
cmucl (20b-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release: 20b. (Closes: #587450)  * Integrated patch 20b-000   * We were cleaning up too much, don't remove .gif files  * Fixed typo in src/docs/cmu-user/unicode.tex   * Make documentation work with newer texlive/hevea  * Updated Standards-Version, no real changed  * Use + in NEWS file   * move own-work round as quilt assumes that all our stuff is in debian/  * Found a workaround. Now we build sse2 and x87 images of cmucl.     (Closes: #526584)  -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Fri, 25 Feb 2011 04:50:46 +0000
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2011-09-21
Published in squeeze-release on 2009-11-10
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
cmucl (20a-20090928-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Integrated patch-000 for 20a.
  * fix cmucl-docs Section, should also be lisp

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Mon, 05 Oct 2009 07:10:17 +0200
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
cmucl (20a-20090928-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Added debian/README.building file
  * Added ru.po file, thanks to Yuri Kozlov. (Closes: #541763)
  * New upstream release.
  * Fixed a small TeX typo
  * Change section to lisp
  * Updated Standards-Version no real changes
  * Also install src/pcl/simple-streams/external-formats files into

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Thu, 01 Oct 2009 15:32:31 +0000
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
cmucl (19f-20090312-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. Major changes:
      + Feature enhancements:
        - ~R supports many more cardinal names.
        - Updated network support:
          o Added BIND-INET-SOCKET to bind a socket to a local address.
          o Added OPEN-NETWORK-STREAM to create a stream connected to a 
            given host.
          o Added ACCEPT-NETWORK-STREAM to create a stream connected to
            the new network connection
          o Updated CONNECT-TO-INET-SOCKET to allow binding the newly
            created socket to a local address
        - Added UNIX:UNIX-OPENPTY, an interface to the openpty C library
        - SSE2 support added for x86.
          o CMUCL automatically detects whether sse2 is supported or not
            and loads up the appropriate core file.
          o New -fpu switch allows the user to specify explicitly which
            core should be used.  The valid values are x87, sse2, or auto
            (the default).
          o Fasls compiled with sse2 support have the extension sse2f.
            Otherwise, the normal x86f extension is used.  This allows the
            user to do tests/experiments with both x87 and sse2 without
            having to mess around with different directories and removing
            fasls before building for a different FPU.
          o If the chip supports sse2, but CMUCL can't find the sse2 core,
            CMUCL will try to fall back to the x87 core.  (This only
            happens if -fpu is auto.)
        - Command line parsing now recognizes the option "--".  Everything
          after "--" is not subject to CMUCL's command line parsing, and
          everything after the "--" is placed in the new variable
      + ANSI compliance fixes:
        - Fix bug in backquote printer.  If the variable is @foo, we want
          to print ", @foo" not ",@foo".  Similarly, for .foo, we want to
          print ", .foo" instead of ",.foo".
        - Fix merging of version in MAKE-PATHNAME.  If the pathname name
          is given, the version is not affected by the version in the
          default pathname.
        - RENAME-FILE now creates defaulted-new-name from merging new-name
          with the original filespec.  This is an incompatible change from
          the previous version which created defaulted-new-name from
          merging the new-name with the truename of filespec.  Also, a
          logical pathname should be returned if new-name is a logical
        - Character names need to be a capital letter followed by lower
          case.  Needed to match what ~:C does.  (Found via ansi-tests).
      + Bugfixes:
        - Compiler can now derive the rank of an array, even if the array
          is not simple.
        - Fix off-by-one bug in ~R which prevents printing numbers from
          10^63 to 10^66-1.  10^63 is a vigintillion.
        - The compiler and interpreter should now handle slot-value the
          same.  Previously, different results were returned for things
          like (slot-value foo :a).
        - UNIX-GETGRNAM is now defined for Darwin (x86 and ppc).
        - UNIX-GETPWUID is defined for all BSD systems.
        - Type-derivation for EXPT no longer causes errors in some
          situations.  The computed bounds were of the wrong type for the
          resulting type specifier.
        - Pathname printer no longer produces an error for (MAKE-PATHNAME
          :HOST NIL :TYPE "foo").  It returns #P(:HOST NIL :TYPE "foo")
        - Type derivation for DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT arithmetic should be
          working.  Previously, all arithmetic operations would just
          return DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT even though the compiler should have
          been able to figure out a tighter result.
        - When SCALE-FLOAT would underflow, it would always return 0f0,
          instead of a floating-point zero of the correct type.
        - Fix some issues in creating the debug arglist string when the
          arglist contains items that can't be printed readably.
        - DIRECTORY is now faster for directories with a large number of
        - RANDOM is now much faster on all platforms for numbers upto
          #xffffffff.  This is an incompatible change from previous
          releases because the numbers produced may be different from
        - The small bias in RANDOM for integer args up to 32 bits long
          should now be gone.
        - Improved type derivation for LOGAND when one arg is bounded but
          the other is not.
        - Some issues with tracing on sparc and ppc have been fixed.  This
          usually manifests itself with a segfault just after the function
          result is printed.
        - Fixed bug on sparc where C-c sometimes causes a segfault.  We
          now handle the case where siginfo_t is NULL, which can also
          happen on other architectures.
        - The interpreter catches invalid EVAL-WHEN situations just like
          the compiler, instead of silently ignoring them.
        - FLOAT-PRECISION supports double-double floats.
        - Tracing should now be working on Darwin/x86.  Previously,
          certain cases would cause Lisp to segfault in bad ways where you
          could not return to the repl.  Do not need to do encapsulation
          by default anymore.
        - The bounds for type (REAL lo hi) are computed better now.  The
          REAL type is a union of SINGLE-FLOAT, DOUBLE-FLOAT, and
          DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT.  The computed bounds for
          DOUBLE-DOUBLE-FLOAT only had double-float accuracy if the bound
          for REAL was a rational.
        - The FLOAT type now requires that the bounds, if given, are
          floats.  Previously, any real type would be accepted.  This
          makes FLOAT behave like SINGLE-FLOAT and DOUBLE-FLOAT which
          required the bounds to be a float of the appropriate type.
      + Trac Tickets:
        - #16: Read-time hash-table issue
        - #17: LOOP NAMED NIL has no effect
        - #18: Modular arith bug 1
        - #19: Modular arith bug 2
          Fixed by not doing modular arith if the args are known to be
        - #20: Modular arith bug?
          Fixed via the fix for Trac #21.  The original workaround has
          been removed.
        - #24: Float contagion for expt
          Float contagion is applied to the arguments before computing
        - #21: Modular arith bug 3
          Fixed by delaying the logand defoptimizer.
        - #15: x86 double-float issue
          Fixed when using SSE2 support.  We will not fix this for x87.
        - #25: Compiler bug
        - #26: slot-value type check
          Fixed for some cases.  When used in methods, slot-value may not
          do the type check.if the object is not a argument to the method.
        - #29: make-condition doesn't accept class objects
      + Other changes:
        - IS1, IS2, IS3, and IS4 are recognized character names for the
          ASCII control codes US, RS, GS, FS, respectively.
        - When initializing a random state, try to read 627 words from
          /dev/urandom to initialize the entire state vector with random
          bits.  Previously, only one word was read.
        - A seed of 0 is allowed in KERNEL:INIT-RANDOM-STATE.
        - Updated User guide to include more examples of tracing.
        - Enable gencgc page protection on x86/darwin.  This can speed up
          GC a bit.  (Not measured.)
        - Bignum truncate is significantly faster.  Some cl-bench
          benchmarks are now almost twice as fast.
        - The continuable error produced by raising an integer to a power
          exceeding *intexp-maximum-exponent* is now a restart, giving the
          user the option to continue and update the limit to the new
        - The Darwin/x86 port can run on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
      + Improvements to the PCL implementation of CLOS:
        - The compiler and interpreter should handle SLOT-VALUE the same
          way.  Previously, (SLOT-VALUE obj :a) would behave differently
          in the compiler and interpreter.
        - Some issues with get-accessor-method-function and
          slot-value-using-class have been fixed.
          Get-accessor-method-function was causing an error to be signaled
        - (setf (slot-value <obj> <slot>) <new>) will now signal an error
          in some situations when the new value is not of the correct
          declared type for slot.
      + Changes to building procedure:
        - For Linux, custom CFLAGS, CC, and LDFLAGS are supported.
          Requested by Stelian Ionescu for Gentoo support.
        - The Linux config file is now named Config.x86_linux, which is
          the equivalent to Config.linux_gencgc, which is deprecated.
      * From this version onwards I will only support the sse2 variant 
        as I don't have any non-sse2 machines anymore. 
  * Updated debhelper version to 7
  * updated standard version without any real changes
  * use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Sat, 18 Apr 2009 20:27:23 +0000
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
cmucl (19e-20080501-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * fix brown bag bug: use cmucl in script, not lisp
  * New version should Fixes: #483331 because of asm change

 -- Peter Van Eynde <email address hidden>  Wed, 18 Feb 2009 05:50:05 +0000
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
Published in lenny-release on 2008-10-29
cmucl (19d-20061116-4.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload to fix RC bug.
  * Remove -I- from the CPPFLAGS. Patch by Sebastian Bober.
    (Closes: #473948)

 -- Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez <email address hidden>  Wed, 23 Apr 2008 21:45:29 +0200
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