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Published in buster-release on 2018-10-26
Published in sid-release on 2018-06-11
debian-med (3.1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Versioned Build-Depends bumped to 0.6.99 to enable Recommends in tasks
  * s/Depends/Recommends/
    (leave out list of changed metapackage dependencies which is messed up
     due to this change)
  * Moved to Salsa
  * Standards-Version: 4.1.4
  * Bumped versioned Build-Depends blends-dev to >= 0.7~
  * Priotity: optional (as per policy - see #759260)

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:33:08 +0200

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Superseded in buster-release on 2018-10-26
Published in stretch-release on 2017-04-30
Superseded in sid-release on 2018-12-07
debian-med (3.0.1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Re-render before Stretch release

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Wed, 19 Apr 2017 15:29:37 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2017-04-30
Superseded in sid-release on 2017-04-19
debian-med (3.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Bump version for Stretch release

  * start of automatic changelog entry * 
  * Changes in metapackage dependencies
      Depends:  r-cran-fitcoach, pesco
      Suggests:  r-cran-qqman
      Depends:  euler2, nextsv, r-bioc-metagenomeseq, diamond-aligner,
                bedops, ccs, euler-sr, r-bioc-mergeomics, baitfisher,
                libvcflib-tools, r-bioc-phyloseq, r-cran-rotl, tvc
      Suggests: r-cran-qqman, r-bioc-savr, r-cran-rentrez
      Depends:  fermi-lite
      Depends:  bart-view, dcm2niix
      Depends:  python3-gffutils, libjloda-java, libbio-eutilities-perl,
                libvcflib-dev, python3-pybedtools, python3-fast5 | python-fast5,
                python3-misopy | python-misopy, libbio-coordinate-perl,
                python3-skbio, python3-bx | python-bx, libswiss-perl,
                python3-bd2k | python-bd2k
      Suggests: r-bioc-biomformat, r-bioc-rbgl, ruby-rgfa, r-cran-rentrez,
      Depends:  libbiojava3-java, libvcflib, python3-skbio | python-skbio,
                python-miso, unanimity

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:51:13 +0100
Superseded in stretch-release on 2017-02-04
Superseded in sid-release on 2017-01-24
debian-med (2.4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * rebuild using blends-dev 0.6.96

  * start of automatic changelog entry * 
  * Changes in metapackage dependencies
      Depends:  nutsqlite
      Depends:  dascrubber, manta, blobology, bio-eagle, malt, atac, qtltools, deepnano, contrafold, nanocall, falcon
      Suggests:  biomaj
      Depends:  falconkit, biomaj
      Depends:  libcifti-dev, libcamitk-dev
      Depends:  libcamitk4-dev
      Depends:  libgkarrays-dev, unanimity

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:27:35 +0100
Superseded in stretch-release on 2016-12-31
Superseded in sid-release on 2016-12-20
debian-med (2.3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * blends-dev 0.6.93 does not add single packages to tasksel control file
    but only the metapackage itself
  * med-bio: Add mgltools-pmv, mgltools-vision, mgltools-cadd
    Closes: #732069

  * start of automatic changelog entry * 
  * Changes in metapackage dependencies
      Depends:  galileo, r-cran-fitbitscraper
      Suggests:  sleepyhead
      Depends:  r-cran-ade4, rstudio, r-bioc-multtest
      Depends:  sprai, rna-star, daligner, mhap, dindel, blasr, bcftools
      Depends:  pbbarcode, spaced, varmatch, cgview, phipack, ffp,
                snap-aligner, plast, kineticstools, brig, harvest-tools,
                transrate-tools, meryl, metabit, parsnp, beagle, maffilter,
                pbhoney, jmodeltest, mgltools-cadd, roadtrips, roary,
                sim4db, alter-sequence-alignment, graphlan,
                ncbi-entrez-direct, falconkit, partitionfinder,
                art-nextgen-simulation-tools, sspace, phybin, fastahack,
                phylophlan, crux-toolkit, varna, dindel, smithwaterman,
                r-bioc-geneplotter, dawg, lefse, r-bioc-deseq2, fsm-lite,
                nanopolish, physamp, minimap, kmc, snpomatic, proteinortho,
                phast, prottest, qualimap, sprai, fml-asm, circlator, inspect,
                pipasic, hilive, mgltools-pmv, fastqtl, piler,
                r-cran-adephylo, r-cran-pscbs, hisat2, ssw-align, garli, pssh2,
                plink1.9, r-cran-adegenet, velvet | velvet-long, condetri,
                fastml, mapdamage, rsat, r-cran-distory, segemehl, andi,
                ncl-tools, sumaclust, sniffles, pbalign, scrm, miniasm,
                poretools, sparta, pbh5tools, r-cran-bio3d, kronatools,
                beast2-mcmc, clustalw, dwgsim, pirs, reapr, r-cran-treescape,
                leaff, seer, surankco, tide, placnet, canu, rambo-k, lofreq,
                artfastqgenerator, lambda-align, rapmap, metaphlan2,
                r-bioc-dnacopy, mgltools-vision, indelible, salmon, dazzdb,
                srst2, king-probe, cutadapt, pbgenomicconsensus, ariba,
                pbsuite, adapterremoval, kraken, pbjelly, mash, fermi-lite,
                pbsim, bcftools
      Suggests: science-workflow, r-bioc-aroma.light, r-cran-pheatmap, mrs,
                r-bioc-annotationhub, r-bioc-ensembldb, r-bioc-go.db
      Depends:  python-kineticstools, r-other-bio3d, velvet, tigr-assembler,
                clustalw | clustalw-mpi, python-pbalign, wgsim, wgs-assembler,
                mrs, act, r8s, fastml2
      Depends:  openmaxims
      Depends:  sleepyhead, orthanc
      Depends:  clinica
      Depends:  libinsighttoolkit4-dev, octave-bart, libvtk-dicom-dev,
                libbart-dev, libodil0-dev, libmia-2.4-dev, libcamitk4-dev,
                libopenigtlink-dev, libvtk6-dev
      Suggests: libcamp0.7-dev, libfreeimage-dev
      Depends:  libopenigtlink1-dev,, libvtk5-dev,
                libinsighttoolkit3-dev | libinsighttoolkit4-dev,
                libvtk-dicom0.5-dev, libmia-2.2-dev, libcamitk3-dev
      Suggests: libvtk5.4, insighttoolkit3-examples
      Depends:  fw4spl, python-tifffile, bart
      Suggests: science-workflow, orthanc-postgresql, orthanc-imagej,
      Depends:  tifffile
      Suggests: sleepyhead
      Depends:  iqtree, clustalw
      Depends:  clustalw | clustalw-mpi
      Depends:  python3-pyvcf | python-pyvcf, libsmithwaterman-dev,
                mgltools-vision, libbpp-phyl-omics-dev,
                python3-csb | python-csb, libqcpp-dev, libbio-das-lite-perl,
                libhtsjdk-java, libqes-dev,
                python3-biopython | python-biopython, python-kineticstools,
                libfreecontact-dev, libssw-dev, libminimap-dev, r-cran-rnexml,
                libssw-java, r-cran-rncl, python3-pymummer,
                python3-ngs | python-ngs, libpbdata-dev, libbpp-raa-dev,
                python3-pbconsensuscore | python-pbconsensuscore, libblasr-dev,
                python3-intervaltree-bio | python-intervaltree-bio, libncl-dev,
                libngs-java, python3-pyfaidx | python-pyfaidx, libbpp-seq-dev,
                libfast5-dev, r-cran-phylobase, python-pbcommand,
                libncbi-vdb-dev, libbpp-core-dev, libpbbam-dev,
                libconsensuscore-dev, libpbihdf-dev, libtabixpp-dev,
                python3-pyfasta | python-pyfasta, libbpp-phyl-dev, libfml-dev,
                python3-consensuscore2 | python-consensuscore2,
                mgltools-networkeditor, libpbseq-dev, libgff-dev,
                libngs-sdk-dev, octave-bioinfo, libbpp-popgen-dev,
                mgltools-pybabel, libfastahack-dev, ruby-crb-blast,
      Suggests: python3-biopython-sql | python-biopython-sql, libdisorder-dev,
      Depends:  libgbfp-dev, python-biopython | python3-biopython, libtabixpp,
                libfreecontact0-dev, python-csb | python3-csb, libbio-das-perl
      Suggests: python-biopython-sql | python3-biopython-sql
      Suggests:  r-cran-cmprsk

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 12 Sep 2016 10:03:11 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2016-09-19
Superseded in sid-release on 2016-09-13
debian-med (2.2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Moved to Git

  * start of automatic changelog entry * 
  * Changes in metapackage dependencies
      Depends:  python3-fitbitscraper
      Depends:  sortmerna, r-bioc-limma, r-cran-metamix, iqtree,
                relion-bin+gui | relion-bin+mpi+gui, berkeley-express,
                daligner, mhap, sumatra, hyphy-mpi | hyphy-pt,
                python-pbalign, bio-rainbow, python-kineticstools,
                ea-utils, suitename, wgsim, r-bioc-annotate, r-bioc-edger,
                adun-core, r-bioc-genefilter, hyphygui, sumtrees, blasr,
                repeatmasker-recon, pbdagcon, relion-bin | relion-bin+mpi,
                axe-demultiplexer, tantan
      Depends:  relion-bin | relion-bin-mpi, express, relion-gui, hyphy,
      Depends:  libvtk-dicom-java, libmaxflow-dev, libvtk-dicom0.5-dev
      Suggests:  liblimereg-dev
      Depends:  libvtk-dicom0.4-dev
      Suggests:  limereg-dev
      Depends:  libdivsufsort-dev, python3-cutadapt | python-cutadapt,
                python3-skbio | python-skbio, python3-dendropy |
                python-dendropy, python3-ruffus | python-ruffus,
                python3-hyphy | python-hyphy
      Depends:  librdp-readseq-java, librdp-alignment-java

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Tue, 01 Sep 2015 17:40:57 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-09-07
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-09-02
debian-med (2.1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Build-Depends: blends-dev (>= to enable respecting user PATH
  * Fix bashism issue since fixed in blends-dev
    Closes: #772308
  * Rebuild in Jessie
  * Updated descriptions for his and laboratory
  * Introduce /usr/lib/debian-med/bin as PATH for Debian Med users

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 02 Jul 2015 17:55:39 +0200
Superseded in stretch-release on 2015-07-09
Published in jessie-release on 2015-04-04
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-07-03
debian-med (2.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fixed syntax of med-cloud and rerender dependencies
  * Versioned Build-Depends: blends-dev (>= to ensure no packages
    from non-free or unstable will be included by accident
  * Since last metapackage creation (and before freeze) the following
    packages made it into testing:
     relion-bin + librelion-dev
    These were adde to the list of Recommends
  * After the freeze the package
    was removed from testing and thus it is removed from Recommends

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:47:07 +0200
Superseded in jessie-release on 2015-04-04
Superseded in sid-release on 2015-03-29
debian-med (1.99) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control.stub:
     - Build-Depends: blends-dev (>= 0.6.92) to get Section: metapackage entries
     - cme fix dpkg-control
     - debhelper 9
  * d/source/format: 3.0 (native)

  * start of automatic changelog entry * 
  * Changes in metapackage dependencies
      Depends:  r-cran-dosefinding
      Depends:  cronometer, python-fitbit, python3-fitbitscraper, nut-nutrition
      Suggests:  goldencheetah
      Suggests:  cl-pubmed
      Depends:  bagpipe, fitgcp, fastqc, biomaj, sibsim4, biosquid, pdb2pqr,
                soapdenovo, clonalframe, kissplice, conservation-code, mummer,
                gasic, datamash, t-coffee, ampliconnoise, cassiopee, snap,
                tabix, flexbar, zalign, parsinsert, smalt, melting,
                r-cran-vegan, autodock-vina, cufflinks, mafft, dialign, glam2,
                freecontact, probabel, mustang, amap-align, gromacs, anfo,
                sigma-align, giira, blast2, bowtie, phyutility, poa, dialign-tx,
                arden, qiime, squizz, theseus, gmap, autogrid, r-bioc-edger,
                cd-hit, dnaclust, idba, probcons, discosnp, prodigal, cain,
                sra-toolkit, clearcut, gff2ps, genometools, neobio, mrbayes,
                pynast, sim4, bioperl, prank, perm, prime-phylo,
                mira-assembler, bowtie2, vcftools, mapsembler2, r-cran-pvclust,
                hmmer, cdbfasta, clustalw, wise, kalign, soapdenovo2, boxshade,
                clustalo, python3-biopython, proda, abyss, primer3, grinder,
                fastx-toolkit, rtax, minia, mlv-smile, concavity,
                r-other-mott-happy.hbrem, ncbi-epcr, gff2aplot, macs, mothur,
                hhsuite, fasttree, mipe, bamtools, aragorn, bioperl-run,
                exonerate, jellyfish, aevol, circos, paraclu, python-biopython,
                muscle, dssp
      Depends:  clustalw | clustalw-mpi, r-other-mott-happy, bagphenotype
      Depends:  python-pypsignifit
      Suggests:  python-visionegg
      Depends:  psignifit3
      Suggests:  visionegg
      Depends:  bagpipe, minia, emmax, clearcut, metastudent, cassiopee,
                freebayes, relion-gui, r-cran-vegan, uc-echo, spades, pdb2pqr,
                probabel, relion-bin | relion-bin-mpi, mrs, acacia, staden,
                snp-sites, r-bioc-rtracklayer, kissplice, giira, aragorn, rtax,
                gasic, fitgcp, chimeraslayer, perm, prime-phylo,
                velvetoptimiser, saint, crac, grabix, phyutility, r-bioc-gviz,
                ray, spread-phy, r-other-mott-happy.hbrem, pycorrfit,
                rate4site, varscan, mapsembler2, flexbar, trimmomatic,
                blimps-utils, nast-ier, blat, bitseq, mach-haplotyper,
                ngsqctoolkit, discosnp, emperor, dnaclust, unc-fish, idba,
                r-cran-ape, openms, topp, parsinsert, aevol, fsa, biceps,
                ipig, kclust, circos, strap-base, freecontact, wigeon, fastaq,
                soapdenovo2, r-bioc-biostrings, seqan-apps, eigensoft,
                prodigal, modeller, arden, paraclu, situs, pyscanfcs
      Suggests: biomaj-watcher, mobyle-tutorials, r-cran-boolnet,
      Ignore:  mozilla-biofox
      Depends:  r-ape, sra-sdk, ray-denovoassembler, phy-spread | spread-phy,
                fas, vegan, dotur, r-other-mott-happy, bagphenotype
      Suggests: circos, pdb2pqr, seqan-apps, eigensoft, blimps-utils,
                python-rdkit, mozilla-biofox
      Depends:  vista-foia
      Depends:  vista
      Depends:  kissplice
      Depends:  ssaha2
      Suggests:  libctapimkt1
      Depends:  freeicd
      Suggests:  libctapimkt0
      Depends:  libedf-dev, libpapyrus3-dev, libmialm-dev, r-cran-rniftilib,
                libvmtk-dev, libvtk-dicom0.4-dev,
                libinsighttoolkit3-dev | libinsighttoolkit4-dev,
                python-mia | python3-mia, octave-gdf, python-vmtk,
                python-mvpa2, libvigraimpex-dev, libteem-dev, python-vigra,
                libmia-2.2-dev, libmiaviewit-dev, python-mne
      Suggests: libics-dev, python-tifffile, libvtkedge-dev
      Depends:  libmia-2.0-dev, python-mvpa, libteem1-dev,
      Depends:  mia-viewit, vtk-dicom-tools, pixelmed-apps, conquest-common,
                teem-apps, gdf-tools, python-surfer, python-mvpa2,
                python-dicom, python-nibabel
      Suggests: conquest-mysql, trimage, conquest-dbase, openwalnut-qt4,
                conquest-sqlite, python-pyxid, conquest-postgres
      Depends:  conquest-dicom-server, python-mvpa, pixelmed-java, python-nifti
      Suggests:  pysurfer, pyxid, openwalnut
      Depends:  spread-phy
      Depends:  phy-spread | spread-phy
      Depends:  python-rdkit, libbambamc-dev, libgenome-1.3-dev,
                libfreecontact-perl, libhts-dev,
                libgenome-model-tools-music-perl, python-corepywrap, pyfai,
                libsnp-sites1-dev, libgenome-perl, libfreecontact0-dev,
                libssm-dev, python-biopython | python3-biopython, sbmltoolbox,
                python-csb | python3-csb, python-htseq, python-freecontact,
                libopenms-dev, librelion-dev
      Suggests: r-bioc-iranges, r-bioc-variantannotation, r-bioc-bsgenome,
                r-bioc-preprocesscore, r-bioc-shortread, r-bioc-affy,
                python-biopython-sql | python3-biopython-sql,
                python-biopython-doc, r-bioc-makecdfenv, libfreecontact-doc,
                libgtextutils-dev, r-bioc-affyio, librostlab-doc,
                r-bioc-hypergraph, r-bioc-biovizbase, r-bioc-genomeinfodb,
                librostlab-blast-doc, r-bioc-graph, r-bioc-xvector,
                r-bioc-genomicfeatures, r-bioc-annotationdbi, r-bioc-snpstats,
                r-bioc-rsamtools, r-bioc-altcdfenvs, r-bioc-genomicranges,
                r-bioc-genomicalignments, r-bioc-biomart
      Depends:  libqsearch-dev, iranges, libopenmm4-dev, librostlab-blast-doc,
                libgenome-1.3-0-dev, biostrings, librostlab-doc,
                python-biopython, python-librcsb-core-wrapper, octave-bioinfo
      Depends:  ushahidi
      Depends:  gdf-tools, biosig-tools
      Suggests:  python-biosig, octave-biosig, python-multipletau, libbiosig-dev
      Depends:  biosig

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 23 Oct 2014 23:42:18 +0200
Superseded in jessie-release on 2014-11-04
Published in wheezy-release on 2013-04-05
Superseded in sid-release on 2014-10-24
debian-med (1.13.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Build-Depends: blends-dev (>=
  * Added dependency in imaging-dev: libopenigtlink1-dev

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:13:33 +0100
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-12-20
debian-med (1.13.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Revert name change from med-pharmacy -> med-pharma
    Closes: #694424

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:37:26 +0100
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-12-08
debian-med (1.13) unstable; urgency=low

  * med-rehabilitation: sitplus is back to testing - regenerate dependencies
  * Some new prospective packages in tasks

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Wed, 07 Nov 2012 11:39:29 +0100
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-11-19
debian-med (1.12) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control:
    Usual changes of dependency based on the resolving of new packages
    in Debian as specified in the tasks files
  * config/control: Enhanced readability and spelling of long description
  * Added dependencies due to packages progressing to testing after last upload
     Bio: r-cran-genabel, gentle, dssp, neobio, fasttree
     Bio-dev: libbiojava3-java, libai-fann-perl, librg-blast-parser-perl,
              libsort-key-top-perl, libhmsbeagle-dev
     Imaging: ants, king
     Practice: freediams, freemedforms-freedata, freemedforms-emr
  * Removed dependencies due to packages removed from testing
     Bio: gassst (removed in #689957)
     Rehabilitation: sitplus (lacking build-depends in testing, see #680798)
  * Renamed metapackages: med-pharmacy -> med-pharma
  * Add debian/med-*.lintian-overrides to prevent false positives about
    homepage links

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 05 Nov 2012 15:52:59 +0100
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2013-04-05
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-11-11
debian-med (1.11) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control(.stub):
    Standards-Version: 3.9.3 (no changes needed)
  * debian/control:
    Usual changes of dependency based on the resolving of new packages
    in Debian as specified in the tasks files
  * tasks/physics: s/octave3.2/octave/
    Closes: #667588

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 05 Apr 2012 08:30:44 +0200
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2012-04-28
Superseded in sid-release on 2012-04-17
debian-med (1.10) unstable; urgency=low

  * tasks/oncology: Fix typo
    Closes: #647987
  * tasks/dental: Fullfilled dependency imagetooth results in new
    metapackage med-dental

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Fri, 16 Dec 2011 13:25:18 +0100
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2011-12-27
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-12-17
debian-med (1.9) unstable; urgency=low

  * Standards-Version: 3.9.2 (no changes needed)
  * Do not create med-cms metapackage any more because the only
    Dependency is dropped from testing / unstable
  * New tasks bio-ngs + bio-phylogeny which are actual subsets
    of med-bio created but not turned into metapackages for this
  * New task oncology - packaging dependencies is in preparation
  * Several new Dependencies created by Blends tools
  * Fixed Vcs fields

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 18 Jul 2011 10:32:39 +0200
Superseded in wheezy-release on 2011-11-07
Published in squeeze-release on 2010-12-15
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-10-28
debian-med (1.8) unstable; urgency=low

  [Steffen Möller]
  * Added task cloud: Cloud computing image for Debian Med
  [Andreas Tille]
  * config/control: Depends: blends-common (>= 0.6.15)
  * debian/control.stub: Build-Depends-Indep: blends-dev (>= 0.6.15)
    which provides postrm / preinst scripts for each metapackage to
    enable handling failed-upgrade
    Closes: ##603853

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 18 Nov 2010 08:16:45 +0100
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuild against blends-dev >= 0.6.14 to prevent
    accessint internet at package build time
  * Standards-Version: 3.9.1 (no changes needed)
  * tasks/imaging-dev: Revcent version of vtk to make
    sure vtk migration will be not blocked by Debian Med
  * config/control:
    - Do not mention mention med-cms any more because the package
      will not be created any more. The only dependency in Debian
      zope-zms was removed.
    - Add med-psychology and med-statistics

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Wed, 04 Aug 2010 12:43:09 +0200
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuild against blends-dev >= 0.6.12.  This results in
    using a prerm script instead of postrm which ensures that
    blends-common is installed while this script is running
  * Standards-Version: 3.8.4 (no changes needed)
  * debian/oldchangelogs: removed old stuff

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Thu, 18 Mar 2010 10:07:26 +0100
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Depend from blends-common >= 0.6.9 and explain in
    NEWS.Debian that no attempt to take over any CDD
    related configuration
    Closes: #562553

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 18 Jan 2010 22:22:05 +0100
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Several new dependencies in Metapackages
  * Depend from blends-common >= 0.6.8
    Closes: #562553
  * No need to Build-Depends from debhelper because blends-dev
    does depend from it
  * Several new package 

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 28 Dec 2009 08:58:27 +0100
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * tasks/physics: Enhanced information about biosig
  * tasks/*: Several changes and additional information for a
    lot of prospective packages; a certain amount of packages
    is now available as official packages
  * debian/control.stub:
    - Fixed Vcs-Svn (missing svn/)
  * Replaced some remaining "cdd" strings in the docs by "blends"
  * Standards-Version: 3.8.3 (no changes needed)
  * config/control: Depends: blends-common (>= 0.6.6)
    Closes: #542656

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Fri, 21 Aug 2009 14:09:18 +0200
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
debian-med (1.2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Andreas Tille ]
  * Bumped policy to 3.8.1 and make use of the new feature that
    debian/control allows comment lines starting with # with no
    preceding whitespace. [Policy paragraph 5.2]
  * debhelper (>=7)
  * Added med-statistics
  * tasks/bio: Replaced by
  * tasks/bio-dev: Added libbiococoa-dev
  * Build-Depends: blends-dev (0.6.3) to make sure no useless
    metapackages with no dependency available in Debian will be
  * tasks.ctl: Added missing tasks; tasks data, his, laboratory
    which do not yet feature an existing depenency in Debian
    were set to priority-none.

  [ Michael Hanke ]
  * Added ODIN to imaging task.
  * Added VIA to the imaging task.
  * Updated LIPSIA item to ppoint to the packaging VCS and note ITP.

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 30 Mar 2009 07:56:56 +0200
Deleted in experimental-release (Reason: None provided.)
debian-med (1.1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Make use of blends-dev instead of cdd-dev
  * Versioned build depends from blends-dev >= 0.6.1 because this
    also supports dist experimental
  * Adapted Vcs fields to new location (cdd -> blends)
  * tasks/practice: Depends: aeskulap
  * Added link to tasks page in long description of med-tasks
    (thanks to James Busser <email address hidden> for the
  * tasks/*: several updates of newly uploaded packages and
    prospective packages

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Tue, 06 Jan 2009 10:01:49 +0100
Superseded in squeeze-release on 2011-09-13
Superseded in sid-release on 2011-09-20
Published in lenny-release on 2008-10-29
debian-med (1.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * tasks/bio-dev
    - Added libgenome
    - Added libmems as prospective package
    - Moved bioconductor from bio to bio-dev
    - Added prospective projects where Steffen Möller started some
      packaging work
    - libqsearch -> libqsearch-dev
  * tasks/bio
    - Added prospective projects where Steffen Möller started some
      packaging work
    - Suggests: texlive-latex-extra (because of TeXShade)
    - Removed line breaks in Dependencies, because cdd-gen-control
      is not compliant to RFC 822 and requires '\' at the end of
      lines to continue parsing the tasks files.  To simply circumvent
      this problem the relevant lines were concatenated to not miss
      the dependencies in the resulting control file
    - Renamed dialign-t to dialign-tx
  * tasks/tools
    - Added mssstest
    - Added wgerman-medical, hunspell-de-med (remark: these are not
      really tools but we have no better section, typesetting might be
      an option but does also fit not really good)
  * tasks/imaging
    - Added prospective packages from static page
  * tasks/imaging-dev
    - Removed libgtkimreg
    - Added libvtk5
    - Added prospective packages from static page
    - libminc0-dev | libminc-dev -> libminc-dev
    - insighttoolkit -> insighttoolkit3
  * tasks/physics
    - octave | octave2.1 -> octave3.0
  * debian/control.stub: XS-DM-Upload-Allowed -> DM-Upload-Allowed
  * Standards-Version: 3.8.0 (no changes needed)
  * Fixed typing of Debian Med: sed -i 's/Debian-Med/Debian Med/' *

 -- Andreas Tille <email address hidden>  Mon, 30 Jun 2008 09:59:37 +0200
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