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linux (3.2.20-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "Confused? You Won't Be" release

  * New upstream stable update:
   - cifs: fix oops while traversing open file list (try #4)
   - mm/fork: fix overflow in vma length when copying mmap on clone
   - mm: fix faulty initialization in vmalloc_init()
   - x86, amd, xen: Avoid NULL pointer paravirt references
   - ext4: force ro mount if ext4_setup_super() fails
   - ext4: disallow hard-linked directory in ext4_lookup
   - ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
   - ALSA: usb-audio: fix rate_list memory leak
   - Bluetooth: btusb: typo in Broadcom SoftSailing id (Closes: #674565)
   - ipv4: Do not use dead fib_info entries.
   - ipv4: fix the rcu race between free_fib_info and ip_route_output_slow
   - l2tp: fix oops in L2TP IP sockets for connect() AF_UNSPEC case
   - btree: fix tree corruption in btree_get_prev()
   - asix: allow full size 8021Q frames to be received (Closes: #676545)
   - ext4: don't trash state flags in EXT4_IOC_SETFLAGS
   - ext4: fix the free blocks calculation for ext3 file systems w/ uninit_bg

  [ Ben Hutchings ]
  * Rename source package to 'linux' (Closes: #636010)
  * Convert source package format to 3.0 (quilt)
    - Convert patch system to quilt, except for the 'orig' patch series
    - Use xz compression for upstream and Debian tarballs
    - README.source: Update description of patch system to match current
    - linux-patch-debian: Remove; it is no longer necessary for GPL
      compliance and does not work with our current patch management
  * linux-image: Change package name for bugs to 'src:linux' (Closes: #644198)
  * DFSG: video: Remove nvidiafb and rivafb, which include apparently
    obfuscated code (Closes: #383481, #609615).  The nouveau driver supports
    all the same hardware, aside from RIVA 128 (NV3).
  * udeb: Add udf-modules containing UDF filesystem module (Closes: #613972)
  * [mipsel/loongson2f] linux-image: Recommend libc6-loongson2f
    (Closes: #629410)
  * Build-Depend on kmod or module-init-tools, not just the latter
  * test-patches: Recognise the rt featureset automatically
  * udeb: Build-Depend on kernel-wedge >= 2.84; this allows us to list
    modules as required even if they are built-in in some configurations
  * filter: Allow to create sk-unattached filters
  * proc: Backport hidepid mount option from Linux 3.4 (Closes: #669028)
  * NFSv4: Reduce the footprint of the idmapper (Closes: #657078)
  * [i386] thp: avoid atomic64_read in pmd_read_atomic for 32bit PAE
    (Closes: #676360)
  * linux-source: Add single patch for each featureset
  * [x86] Enable CRASH_DUMP, PROC_VMCORE (Closes: #623177)
  * media/dvb: Enable DVB_DDBRIDGE as module (Closes: #676952)
  * net: sock: validate data_len before allocating skb in
    sock_alloc_send_pskb() (CVE-2012-2136)
  * macvtap: zerocopy: fix offset calculation when building skb
  * macvtap: zerocopy: fix truesize underestimation
  * macvtap: zerocopy: put page when fail to get all requested user pages
  * macvtap: zerocopy: set SKBTX_DEV_ZEROCOPY only when skb is built
  * macvtap: zerocopy: validate vectors before building skb (CVE-2012-2119)
  * KVM: Fix buffer overflow in kvm_set_irq() (CVE-2012-2137)

  [ Bastian Blank ]
  * [s390/s390x,s390x/s390x] Build debugging symbols.

 -- Ben Hutchings <email address hidden>  Mon, 11 Jun 2012 02:46:34 +0100

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