Déjà Dup 34.1

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Déjà Dup
Michael Terry
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download icon deja-dup-34.1.tar.xz (md5, sig) source 1,236
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon screenshot-2.png (md5) screenshot 887
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Release notes 

This release adds experimental support for Google Cloud Storage and OpenStack Swift, as well as fixing a few bugs.


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 • Add experimental support for Google Cloud Storage, please test and file bugs
 • Add experimental support for OpenStack Swift, please test and file bugs
 • Fix a bug where the error dialog wasn't visible after a failed backup in GNOME
 • Fix a bug where background backups were using smaller 'nice' values than they should have
 • Drop support for building the GNOME Control Center plugin; upstream hasn't supported that for a while, and Ubuntu finally dropped their patch allowing it
 • Install duplicity on demand if needed
 • Support reproducible builds by using $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set the man page timestamps, if present
 • Translation updates

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