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Depict is an image viewer with slideshow capabilities.

It displays images with fast zoom, translation and rotation support. The application can switch to a slideshow mode supporting several transition effects.

Depict main goal is to showcase the type of applications that can be written using features of the modern Linux graphics stack. The work on DRI2 which recently landed in distributions allows OpenGL based applications to run correctly in a composited environment. Depict takes advantage of that to entirely render its GUI with the GPU, creating an X11 window using client-side window decorations and an ARGB visual for translucency effects. The application uses 3D graphics accelerators through the OpenGL rendering API. The graphics context is created inside a window handled by GDK to simplify the low-level communication with the X11 server. GTK+ is used to display tooltips and menus and to adapt the graphics to the desktop environment.

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Loïc Molinari
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Simplified BSD Licence

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C99, OpenGL ARB assembly

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