DHIS 2 version 2.4 released

Written for DHIS by Jo Størset on 2011-08-27

The news this time:

- Offline data entry: The data entry module - if opened when online -
is operational even without Internet connectivity. Data can be entered
and stored locally while being offline and uploaded to the central
server when online. This means that the online deployment strategy
will be more viable in areas with unstable Internet connectivity. The
total bandwidth usage is greatly reduced since forms no longer are
retrieved from the server for each rendering. For more info on this
feature, read the archive:


- New Symbol layer in GIS: Data can be visualized as symbols rather
than colors. The menu system has been improved to allow more space for
the map itself and to emphasize the opportunity to load maps into
separate layers to produce more advanced map views.


- Improved data mart performance: Now scalable on the number of CPU
cores providing a near-linear performance boosts as new cores are
added - for instance the processing time for our benchmark database on
a quad-core processor was reduced to close to 1/4.

- Modal dialogs: All popups in the system have been replaced by modal
dialogs - this has proved to be less confusing to inexperienced users.

- Conversations: The messaging system is now organized around
conversations, making it easy to see the full history of an
interaction between a super-user and an end-user for instance.


Full list of improvements here:


Download WAR file, Live and source here:


Documentation and Javadocs here:


best regards,
the DHIS 2 development team

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