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Ubuntu and flavours, ISO downloader, zsync synchroniser and Virtual Machine testing tool.

Based upon TestDrive ( ). Makes testing nightly builds easy, and saves on bandwidth.

Quote"TestDrive is a project that makes it very easy to download and run the latest daily Ubuntu development snapshot in a virtual machine."

A revival of the TestDrive tool that was super useful for making it easy to test the development build ISO's of Ubuntu and it's flavours.

Getting a development version up and running is really simple.

1.) You will need a account []

2.) Download the source code locally with :-
      bzr branch lp:distdrive

3.) Build a running version by running
      >python2 ./ build

4.) Run your local development version with
      >cd ./build/scripts-2.7

5.) Checkout /doc/ for additional information

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Rick Timmis
Rick Timmis

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