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1.2.3 2023-02-26
 - Improve support for non-ASCII email messages. Anything UTF-8 should work
   (including correct signing/verification). For messages that contain header
   fields with non-ASCII or UTF-8 content, signatures are likely fail
   verification, but the milter should continue to run. (Thanks to Casper
   Bruun for help with this)
 - Set minimum pymilter and dkimpy versions in to those that will
   work reliably with non-ASCII content.
 - Fixed support for percent in KeyTable - Thanks to Mika Tiainen
 - Fix formatting for MinimumKeyBits in dkimpy-milter.conf(5)
   (Closes: #995335)
 - Reset the i= signature identity in get_identities_sign() (Closes: #981157)
 - Improve documentation of inter-relationship between Mode, InternalHosts,
   MacroList, and MacroListVerify options in dkimpy-milter.conf.5 (Closes:
 - Fix subdomain signing with top-level organizational domain (LP: #1999434)
   - Thanks to Matthias Hunstock for the report and the fix
 - Fix comma separated list processing in dkimpy_milter/
   (LP: #1901445)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1938733 #1938733 InternalHosts evaluation fail due to error in UTF-8 string decoding 3 High Scott Kitterman  10 Fix Released
1901445 #1901445 adding/enabling 'SignHeaders' in v1.2.2 config causes fail 2 sign, "DKIM: The From header field MUST be signed", 4 Medium Scott Kitterman  10 Fix Released
1978933 #1978933 KeyTable doesn't support % 4 Medium Scott Kitterman  10 Fix Released
1999434 #1999434 Fix subdomain signing with top-level organizational domain 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
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