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2018-10-30 Version 0.9.0
    - Update oversigned (frozen) header field list to reduce signature
      fragility (removes 'date' and 'subject' fields from being oversigned by
      default - see usage section of README for information on how to restore
      the previous behavior)
    - Added new add_should_not for DKIM/ARC classes to prevent additional
      header fields from being signed
    - Added 'from' to should sign list (to prevent it from not being signed at
      all in the unusual event that 'from' is locally removed from the frozen
      header field set (LP: #1525048)
    - Updates for experimental ARC support:
      - Limit to rsa-sha256, rsa-sha1 not used by ARC and multi-signature
        design TBD
      - Raise error when ARC signing if i= instance limit value of 50 is
      - Specified that for ARC, Authentication-Results should not be signed
      - Added missing documentation for timestamp function dkim.arc_sign
        (LP: #1800314)
    - Fix DNS lookups to be compatible with EAI addresses in domains and
      selectors (John Levine)
    - Add type Hinting for sign and verify functions (LP: #1782596)
      (Thomas Ward)
    - PEP8 Blank Lines Style Issues (LP: #1782596)
      (Thomas Ward)
    - Python 3.7 compatibility fixup for dkim.canonicalization.
      strip_trailing_lines due to changed RE.sub() processing (LP: #1800313)

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