Dmedia 0.2 "feature frenzy"

This release will focus on landing features needed to make dmedia "seem like a thing" to normal desktop users. The biggest priorities will be: 1) get dmedia running as a dbus service, 2) provide import dialog UI and NotifyOSD and/or application indicator niceties for informing the user about the import process, and 3) providing at least a basic dmedia browser/manager UI.

On the backend, I would like to finalize the schema for the "locations" (where a media file is stored) and the "import" (a way to see all files from the last import, track on which machine it occurred).

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Release notes 

I'm happy to announce the 2nd release of the Distributed Media Library (aka "dmedia"). At this point dmedia is really just for developers and highly adventurous end-users, but the design and implementation are both progressing quickly.

Packages are available for Lucid, Maverick, and Natty in the Novacut Stable Releases PPA (although note that 0.2 has only been well tested under Maverick):

== What's new in dmedia 0.2 ==

For the end user, dmedia now brings some eye candy. Utilizing NotifyOSD and Application Indicators, this release implements most of our pro file import UX design. Not everything is implemented yet, but hopefully one thing is already clear: we really really care about design! To see the file import UX in action, checkout this video:

Unfortunately, James Raymond's beautifully designed HTML5 video browser didn't quite make it into this release (I blame the flu I've had). In the meantime, checkout this teaser to get a taste of what's coming. The video browser will be completed early in the 0.3 cycle:

Other major changes:

    * dmedia runs as a D-Bus service
    * Imports have a rich audit trail, including tracking individual imports, batches of imports, and the computer they occurred on
    * Many improvements have been made to CouchDB views
    * The Python dmedialib package has been renamed to dmedia
    * The Debian python-dmedia binary package has been renamed to dmedia

== Contributors ==

These people made commits to the dmedia 0.2 release:

    * David Green

    * Jason Gerard DeRose

    * Manish Sinha

    * James Raymond

    * Bilal Akhtar (thanks for the last minute help with the transitional package!)

== Special thanks ==

And a special thanks to:

    * Akshat Jain for his tireless efforts promoting Novacut

    * Martin Owens for helping me understand what Application Indicators can and can't do over the D-Bus API, and for letting the RenderMenu ride the coattails of his upcoming progress indicator

    * David Jorden for bringing his unending enthusiasm to #novacut and helping us all dream big

    * Eric Adler for bringing his considerable broadcast engineering experience to #novacut

    * Shane Fagan for professionally hanging out in #novacut and always offering a thoughtful, interesting perspective

    * Antonio Roberts for making frequent celebrity guest appearances in #novacut, filing great bug reports, and doing some adventurous beta testing

== Contribute to 0.3 and beyond! ==

We do monthly time-based releases, always releasing on the last Thursday of the month. That means we promise to make a release on time each month, but never promise what exact features will land.

dmedia 0.3 will be released on Thursday January 27 2011, and development is already underway. To see the bugs targeted for this next release, checkout the dmedia 0.3 milestone:"

== That's all, folks! ==

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this dream a reality!



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