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Release notes 

Note: Dmedia has NOT earned its "production ready" wings yet, so please treat this release with the usual caution. Test Dmedia, give us feedback, but don't exclusively trust your data to Dmedia... yet.

Changes include:

  * Up preemptive copy increasing from considering 100 files to considering 300 files

  * Port to the Degu 0.2 API:

  * Dmedia now uses the new Microfiber replicator instead of the standard CouchDB replicator; a known downside is that there is a big performance hit compared to unfiltered CouchDB replication, although there is a more moderate performance hit compared to filtered CouchDB replication (which is what Dmedia should use, despite not doing so for a few releases); the new replicator has been extensively tested, including outside of Dmedia, but the new replicator is still a good reason to be extra skeptical of the Dmedia 14.02 release... any and all bug reports on this front are welcome!

  * In `dmedia.core`, downgrade_worker() now attempts to confirm a reasonable state of synchronization via pull replication with all visible peers before doing the downgrade; this can prevent needless (and expensive) downgrades when a new peer is initially added into a large existing Dmedia library; but note there are still circumstances (rare as they probably are) under which this new behavior could prevent the actual downgrade actions from being reached... something which absolutely must be fixed in order for Dmedia to be considered production ready!

  * Fix script unit tests now that Python3.4 argparse --version outputs to stdout instead of stderr


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1189328 #1189328 most thumbnail previews not showing in novacut bin 3 High   6 Confirmed
1104079 #1104079 Use autopkgtest 2 Critical   7 Triaged
680886 #680886 Better EXIF extraction - replace check_call() exiftool nonsense 3 High   7 Triaged
691882 #691882 Add Migration functionality to D-Bus API 3 High   7 Triaged
697645 #697645 Internationalization and localization 3 High   7 Triaged
714955 #714955 Don't overestimate durability when multiple FileStore are on same physical storage device 3 High   7 Triaged
795357 #795357 We need distributed upload! 3 High   7 Triaged
902995 #902995 Monitor NFS share for new files, import them 3 High   7 Triaged
1094544 #1094544 Dmedia validation harness 3 High   7 Triaged
1242166 #1242166 dmedia-extract crashed with AttributeError in _query_duration(): type object 'GstFormat' has no attribute 'TIME' 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  7 Triaged
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