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Jason Gerard DeRose
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7 Jason Gerard DeRose, 1 Martin Rosenberg
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Wowza, so much. Highlights:

* Adds a very simple WSGI server with SSL and IPv6 support, which is used for the new unified server (Dmedia file transfer and CouchDB proxy), and also by the challenge-response protocol for device peering

* New public-key based Machine and User identity system that uses a hash of the RSA public key as the ID; the ID is a 240-bit Skein hash, with personalization string only used in this context

* New unified WSGI app that mounts the Dmedia files app at /files/ and a new CouchDB proxy app at /couch/; CouchDB no longer accepts outside connections and we now have only this single, SSL-protected port accepting outside connections; authorized clients must have a machine certificate signed by the user CA

* Adds a challenge-response peering protocol that allow the user to easily peer additional devices; the existing device displays a 40-bit random code that they must type on the new device; SSL and the above intrinsic IDs are used to make sure the peering is happening between exactly 2 devices, and the secret code makes sure they're the correct devices (see dmedia/

* Adds revamped first-run, onboarding experience that walks the user through the device peering; this is run automatically if needed the first time the user runs dmedia-gtk or novacut-gtk (more generic integration to be used by other apps will come later)


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1053909 #1053909 Part 1: unified HTTPS server 2 Critical Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1059794 #1059794 Part 2: use hash of RSA public key for certificate CN 2 Critical Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1061891 #1061891 Part 3: use Dmedia HTTPD as CouchDB proxy 2 Critical Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1064674 #1064674 Part 4: secure peering protocol 2 Critical Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1067298 #1067298 Part 5: turn on the peering 2 Critical Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1063496 #1063496 Fix "sans-sarif" CSS typos 3 High Martin Rosenberg  10 Fix Released
1067205 #1067205 History tab unfunctional 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
1067909 #1067909 Fix project file count in Import tab, add summed file size 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
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