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DockbarX feature freeze. Bug hunting help needed.

Written for DockbarX by Matias Särs on 2010-08-08

DockbarX 0.40 is now only one or two releases away I would like that version to be quite stable. For that to be possible, a feature freeze is now announced. No new features (except for paper cuts) will be added until 0.40 has been released. I am now asking for your help to find bugs and paper cuts.

"A paper cut is a bug that will improve user experience if fixed, is small enough for users to become habituated to it, and is trivial to fix." (quote: David Siegel)

Also, please, translate dockbarx to your language before the 0.40 release.

Translators needed

Written for DockbarX by Matias Särs on 2010-06-06

DockbarX is now supporting translations. We need people that are interested in translating dockbarx into their language. If you want to, just give it a try.

Updated on 2010-06-07.

New launcher system in Dockbar and Dockbarx

Written for DockbarX by Matias Särs on 2009-11-24

Aleksey has worked out a new system for guessing resource class names when adding launchers. The launcher system is in the latest release of vanilla Dockbar.

DockbarX is in beta stage of implementing the new system. Testing is needed, so please, pull the latest commit from the experimental branch and try it out.

DockbarX is now themeable

Written for DockbarX by Michaël Vanderheeren on 2009-09-16

As of version x.0.21.10 the experimental branch, also known as DockbarX, is now themeable. A complete guide on how to theme DockbarX is available in the list of frequently asked questions that can be found in the 'Answers' section of this launchpad page.

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