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Control your iPhone or iPod Touch music playback from your Ubuntu pc using a simple and comfortable perfectly integrated interface (requires a compatible App).
Download "Revererse Remote" from the Apple App Store, install Dock Remote Client on your Ubuntu laptop and that's done! You can now play, pause, select a song, use a smart playing queue, adjust the volume and much more, right from your sofa!

With Dock Remote Client right sat on the sofa with your Ubuntu laptop with your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad connected to a Hi-Fi system you can:
- Pause a song
- Play the next song
- Play the previous song
- Adjust the volume
- Toggle shuffle
- Toggle repeat
- Browse your library
- Play any song of your library (also by album or by artist)
- Put a song in the playing queue, so that when the song playing in that moment has finished, Dock Remote Client will play the first song in the playing queue

All this perfectly integrated in your Ubuntu system:
- Notifications supported
- Integration with the Ubuntu sound menu
- Sensibility to media keys

- A Ubuntu 12.04 PC
- An iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
- Buy "Reverse Remote" from the Apple App Store
- Both devices must be connected to the same network

Installation of Dock Remote Client from PPA:
- run "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dockremoteclient/ppa" in a terminal
- run "sudo apt-get update"
- run "sudo apt-get install dockremoteclient"

Installation of Dock Remote Client from .deb package:
- download the latest release from
- open the file with Ubuntu Software Center

Installation of the iOS app:
- Install Reverse Remote on your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad from the Apple App Store (

Setting up:
- Connect your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad to a Hi-Fi
- Launch Reverese Remote from the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad
(- Read the IP address shown - only on the first time)
- Launch Dock Remote Client
(- When asked, insert the IP address - only on the first time)
(- Click "Edit->Sync Library with device" - only on the first time)

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Alessandro Blarco
Alessandro Blarco

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