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Doctemplate is a build and localization framework for single-source xml projects that generates numerous localized output formats for each target language, including html, epub, pdf, and docbook. Its modular design lets you remix free-standing content modules into meta projects for deployment.

 * You can create and build projects (xml, docbook, mallard, jumpstart) with a single command
 * With auto-updated po files for translation
 * With localized images (that you don't have to list anywhere)
 * With numerous output formats (xml, docbookbook, pdf, html, epub)
 * With built-in customization layers (sharable between projects) for visual styling and layout
 * With per language font selection for PDFs
* That is, modular content > localized > output formats, customized

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Kyle Nitzsche
Apache Licence, GNU GPL v3

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