DOLFIN 0.9.6

The focus of this release is to merge the CGAL branch.

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Release notes 

This new version adds support for intersection of 2D/3D meshes using CGAL, improves the Expression interface, adds support for UFL 0.5.0, FFC 0.9.0, UFC 1.4.0, and fixes a number of important bugs.


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0.9.6 [2010-02-03]
 - Simplify access to form compiler parameters, now integrated with global parameters
 - Add DofMap member function to return set of dofs
 - Fix memory leak in the LA interface
 - Do not import cos, sin, exp from NumPy to avoid clash with UFL functions
 - Fix bug in MTL4Vector assignment
 - Remove sandbox (moved to separate repository)
 - Remove matrix factory (dolfin/mf)
 - Update .ufl files for changes in UFL
 - Added swig/import/foo.i for easy type importing from dolfin modules
 - Allow optional argument cell when creating Expression
 - Change name of Expression argument cpparg --> cppcode
 - Add simple constructor (dim0, dim1) for C++ matrix Expressions
 - Add example demonstrating the use of cpparg (C++ code in Python)
 - Add least squares solver for dense systems (wrapper for DGELS)
 - New linear algebra wrappers for LAPACK matrices and vectors
 - Experimental support for reconstruction of higher order functions
 - Modified interface for eval() and inside() in C++ using Array
 - Introduce new Array class for simplified wrapping of arrays in SWIG
 - Improved functionality for intersection detection
 - Reimplementation of intersection detection using CGAL

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
493091 #493091 Missing test for boost/bimap.hpp 3 High Johannes Ring  10 Fix Released
493099 #493099 DOLFIN_NOPLOT not sufficient for general case 3 High   10 Fix Released
497396 #497396 docstring for Expression incorrect 3 High Johan Hake  10 Fix Released
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