Dorsal 0.8.0

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Harish Narayanan
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Release notes 

This release reflects a change in development/maintenance of the project. Dorsal is now actively maintained and supported by a few developers, instead of one.


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* Polished support for gentoo
* Added support for fedora machines without redhat-lsb
* Added scripts for auto-generating author lists and listing
  unused packages and patches
* Removed several unused packages
* Fixed bugs related to new platform file placements
* Added support for 32/64-bit architecture-independent builds
* Fixed python crashing bug introduced by cmake on darwin
* Fixed breakages introduced in snowleopard
* Removed (nonexistent) support for xp
* Updated documentation to reflect new directory structure
* Updated the "one-click" installer
* Added patch for scientificpython to help it detect numpy
* Modified trilinos package to account for the new cmake-based
  install of its 10.x branch
* Fixed bugs introduced by move to petsc/slepc 3.1x
* Broke many things through several hasty changes
* Fixed breakages introduced in snowleopard
* Fixed missing malloc.h bug in parmetis
* Modified dolfin package to account for new cmake-based install
* Added initial support for maverick
* Split platform files into supported, contributed and deprecated
* Fixed breakages introduced in ubuntu platforms
* Resumed mirroring files hosted on unstable servers
* Polished support for maverick
* Tested and corrected breakages in different platforms
* Updated to recent versions of all fenics packages
* Updated to petsc/slepc 3.1x
* Added initial support for opensuse11.3
* Added lib64 to library search path on 64bit machines
* Added out-of-source build support to cmake
* Fixed breakages introduced in fedora13
* Fixed architecture-sniffing in scotch platform
* Polished support for opensuse11.3
* Removed scons requirement from supported platform files
* Added initial support for squeeze

* Added initial support for fedora13
* Fixed armadillo package on 64-bit machines

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603431 #603431 Dorsal problems with Fedora 11 and 13 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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