Dorsal 1.0.0

A polished, tested milestone corresponding to FEniCS 1.0.0

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Harish Narayanan
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5 Harish Narayanan, 3 Johannes Ring
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download icon dorsal-1.0.0.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Dorsal 1.0.0 1,688
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
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Release notes 

This is a polished, tested release of Dorsal corresponding to FEniCS 1.0.0!


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* Added initial support for opensuse12.1
* Updated to 1.0.0 versions all fenics packages
* Polished support for squeeze, sid, lucid, maverick and snow leopard
* Polished petsc package
* Updated to recent versions of peripheral packages
* Mirrored cgal and scotch locally because upstream server is flaky
* Polished support for lion
* Polished support for all fedora platforms
* Build full petsc on lion
* Updated trilinos package
* Added ability to install dependencies 'once:'
* Polished support for snow leopard and lion
* Polished support for oneiric
* Removed troublesome pastix from petsc package
* Stopped supporting gentoo
* Refined trilinos package
* Added bison packages for debian-based platforms
* Updated to recent versions of all fenics packages
* Added libboost-math-dev to some platforms
* Fixed trilinos and scipy packages not finding umfpack on some platforms
* Added patch for petsc/slepc 3.2
* Polished support for rhel6
* Updated petsc and slepc to 3.2
* Updated dolfin download path to reflect new branching policy

0 blueprints and 8 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
890774 #890774 Bison needed for PETSc 3.2 on Oneiric 3 High Johannes Ring  10 Fix Released
894134 #894134 Cmake error when "Performing Test PASTIX_TEST_RUNS" in dolfin unstable build 3 High Harish Narayanan  10 Fix Released
732102 #732102 It is impossible to get algebraic multigrid support on mac 4 Medium Harish Narayanan  10 Fix Released
893753 #893753 Trilinos and scipy does not find umfpack from suitesparse 4 Medium Johannes Ring  10 Fix Released
888652 #888652 some fixes needed to build 1.0-beta2 on SL6 1 Undecided Harish Narayanan  10 Fix Released
888930 #888930 dolfin.conf needs additional VTK path settings for RHEL 6 1 Undecided Harish Narayanan  10 Fix Released
897827 #897827 DOLFIN download link incorrect 1 Undecided Harish Narayanan  10 Fix Released
904281 #904281 many invalid download urls 1 Undecided Johannes Ring  10 Fix Released
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