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DQuest is a C++ ORM (Object-relational mapping) for Qt framework. It aims to provide a rapid development environment for application with database access. The database model declaration is very simple , just like other C++/Qt class . It is designed for mobile environment but also useful for desktop and embedded application that do not demand for maximized performance for database.

It is getting more number of application use Sqlite for their data storage. However, writing data model in SQL is complicated . Usually it need to write two set of interface : One for C/C++ and other for Sql. The work load is duplicated, and debug is troublesome.

With DQuest, you can declare a database model using C++ directly. Read / write access can be made through the C++ interface. You won't need to write any SQL to gain the benefit of using Sqlite in your application.

To declare your database model, you need to:

    * Create a class that inherits DQModel
    * Added a DQ_MODEL macro to the class declaration
    * Design your database field by using DQField template type
    * Register your model with DQ_DECLARE_MODEL macro function.

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