Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Desktop Drapes 0.5.2 "Update, YAY!" 0.5 None Small fixes and translation updates.
Desktop Drapes 0.5.1 "And you thought it was all over" 0.5 None
Desktop Drapes 0.5.0 "More of the same, AWESOMENESS!!!" 0.5 None Minor bug fixes & translation updates.
Desktop Drapes 0.4.96-bzr2 "Still no Icon -- Take 2" 0.5 None
Desktop Drapes 0.4.96 "Still no Icons" 0.5 None Closer to 0.5
Desktop Drapes 0.4.95 "Car Wax" 0.5 None * Less problems :)
Desktop Drapes 0.4.98 0.5 2006-09-30 This is an inactive milestone
Desktop Drapes 0.4.97 ""Baby I've changed; I promise I have less bugs"" 0.5 2006-01-05 Overall polish, lots of fixes. Also now we have documentation and an awesome...