Dr. Geo II 12.07 "Summer time"

July release

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Dr. Geo II
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Summer time
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1 DrGeo developers, 2 Esteban Lorenzano, 7 hilaire
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A new tools to edit the style of an object.
More translations with Unicode fonts (asian and eastern Europe languages).
Many more.


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New features

    A long click on a button toolbar open the whole buttons list.
    Cache the uncompressed icons to build UI. This reduce by a factor of 2 the Dr. Geo user interface building time.
    Android method to show/hide virtual keyboard.
    Improved user interface to edit the style of the object
    From a programmed canvas we can now: set center, scale, grid and full screen.
    Implement or improve #100795, #1003279
    New translations Asturian (partial), Catalan, Chinese (traditional), Danish (partial), Italian, Korean, Japanese (partial), Polish (partial), Portuguese (partial), Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Bugs fixes

    Better position of the printed angle value (3 points defined).
    Angle defined by three points is unlockable.
    We don't rename free text.
    Add morph back when loading preview, avoid flickering
    Faster finger sliding in the preview dialog
    Sort the preview in alphabetical order
    Fixed path for resources under Sugar plateform
    Open virtual keyboard when providing the name of a sketch to keep.
    Fix #924271, #1019310, #1016403, #1002659, #100484, #1008405, #1006901
    Fix in the text icon button

0 blueprints and 11 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1011836 #1011836 Starting error on PlateformResolver 2 Critical Esteban Lorenzano  10 Fix Released
1016403 #1016403 Clean up font cache at start up 2 Critical hilaire  10 Fix Released
1002659 #1002659 Deprecated method 3 High   10 Fix Released
1003279 #1003279 side styler 3 High hilaire  10 Fix Released
1017417 #1017417 Translation for 12.07 release 3 High DrGeo developers  10 Fix Released
1019310 #1019310 Editing curvilinear abscissa: 0 results in error 3 High hilaire  10 Fix Released
1004881 #1004881 Iphone package depends on third party package 4 Medium Esteban Lorenzano  10 Fix Released
1008405 #1008405 typo in string 4 Medium hilaire  10 Fix Released
924271 #924271 Refactoring in DrGMathItemCostume et al. 6 Wishlist hilaire  10 Fix Released
1006901 #1006901 DrGeo smalltlak: #name: should accept number 6 Wishlist hilaire  10 Fix Released
1007953 #1007953 Name polygon as triangle when it makes sense 6 Wishlist hilaire  10 Fix Released
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