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Lee Bieber
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1 Jay Pipes, 1 Lee Bieber, 4 Monty Taylor, 2 Padraig O'Sullivan, 5 Stewart Smith
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9 Fix Released

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Revision 1304 - 2010-02-18
Updates to tests (non deterministic output)
Fix innodb plugin build issue
Remove dead typedef
Added slap tests for schema_dictionary and collation
Adding data_dictionary
Fix missing files (the Innodb fix should be moved to the correct plugin file...)
Remove dead COM enum
Remove option for status hookup in plugins (either generate your own table
function (and union) or we add a new type of plugin which just does this)
Updates to include sample Innodb table function
Remove dead SHOW_ARRAY type
Remove dead globals related to my_sys
Bits of dead code/STATUS_VAR rename
Remove typedef and drop some dead code
Reduced the size of VARIABLE_VALUE
Shifted tests around to be in their suite
Remove stray fprintf()

Revision 1303 - 2010-02-16
Rewrite of collations dictionary
Fixed Sun studio compile errors
Dead code removal

Revision 1302 - 2010-02-15
Remove dead bits from YACC

Revision 1301 - 2010-02-15
Modify return type for COLUMNS type
Lint fixes

Revision 1300 - 2010-02-13
Two fixes for "make dist"
Fix for bad syscall to close bad file descriptor
Fix a memory leak sql_string()
Updates for VARIABLES
Fix for recursive stat use
port transaction_log to use data_dictionary
Naming fixes
Update to use processlist code from plugin
Fix plugin definitions
Fix debug assert
Fixes valgrind issue with status variables
Updates/bug fix for columns Assert now for checking that we filled in all columns
Added initial TableFunction thing
Removed dead code
Updating from additional schemas added
Updates for show table status
Remove old schemata plugin
Add in new show work
Remove "full" syntax
Remove processlist from old I_S
First pass through removing some of the code for the old I_S system
This covers moving information_schema to old_* table names
Adding in the container
Remove unused list
Fix bad directory usage
Updates for table functions to insert tables into additional schemas;
Updating style, simplified code
Variables support
Added status bits Variables next!
Fix interface (we no longer need Fields passed around)
Updating other modules to use new interface
Updated for longer hostname (aka follow what the machine would actually record)
Update code, first pass through cleaner method for recursing through dictionary of table information
Pass through rewrite
Updates for COLUMNS code
First pass through making columns work
Patching up naming
Clean up schemata
Refactored to make the code a tiny bit simpler to follow
Store table names
Updating test cases + added Drizzle specific schema_names and schema_info
Updates to the classes (first pass)
Updates for interface/etc
Adding data_dictionary/collation_character_set_applicability
Added character sets
Small cleanups, pushing test cases
First pass through data dictionary

Revision 1299 - 2010-02-12
Fix to include.am to remove error.cc as it is linked in through liberror
Remove conflict markers missed
Make sure the bits from my_error.h are inside the drizzled namespace

Revision 1298 - 2010-02-12
Fixed valgrind suppressions
Fix build issues on 32-bit solaris
Fixed m4 on solaris
Fixed test-run to send proper namespace
un-static'd mysql_parse, since it breaks gdb
Added support for disabling plugins
Fixed the clock_gettime test
pandora-build v0104
pandora-build v0103 - fix macros for cross-compiling Fix stack direction check
pandora-build v0100 - Fixes several bugs found by cb1kenobi Add several thoughts from folks at LCA

Revision 1297 - 2010-02-12
Fix style issue

Revision 1296 - 2010-02-11
Remove WEIGHT_STRING() from parser

Revision 1295 - 2010-02-11
Disabling support for memcached plugins until we can test for version of memcached

Revision 1294 - 2010-02-11
Tiny style related changes
Went with a std::vector to represent an array instead of having 2 pointer variables to mark the start and end of an array
Used a std::vector to represent an array in the RorUnionReadPlan class instead of pointers
Corrected an order of initialization in a few optimizer classes
Small style formatting fix
Made some members of the RorIntersectReadPlan private
Made all members of the RangeReadPlan class private

Revision 1293 - 2010-02-10
Remove my_error.h and my_error.cc
Move the bits from my_error.h and my_error.cc into error.h and error.cc
Revision 1292 - 2010-02-10
Add second getSecurityContext() function that returns a non-const reference
Add some const madness
Add getSecurityContext()
Remove skip_grants() method
Remove priv_host_name()
Make data members private

Revision 1291 - 2010-02-10
Remove incorrect and out of date comments in make_internal_temporary_table_path

Revision 1290 - 2010-02-10
Add a fatal error if a plugin has a name which has already been registered

Revision 1289 - 2010-02-10
Updated sys var handling correctly in filtered replicator to remove valgrind warning
Style change in Archive Split a few files out

Revision 1288 - 2010-02-10
Modify to remove config.h from parser.h
Added very basic RPM support

Revision 1287 - 2010-02-09
Merged enum_field_type_to_table_message_type into table-proto-message-error-checking
De-duplicate internal field type to field proto field type code
Fix TableProtoTester Engine up for drizzled namespace changes
Merged enum_field_type_to_table_message_type into table-proto-message-error-checking
Merged remove-dead-Item-save_in_field_no_warnings into fix-order_st-BY-comments
Merged remove-dead-find_field_in_table_set into remove-dead-Item-save_in_field_no_warnings
Merged remove-bit_fields_as_long into create-tmp-field-cleanup
Merged null-not-zero-as-pointer into remove-bit_fields_as_long
Explicitly put source and header in plugin.ini for TableProtoTester engine
#endif line should be "#endif /* PLUGIN_TABLEPROTOTESTER_TABLEPROTOTESTER_H */"
Corrupt_table_01missing_engine test is redundant TableProtoTester engine replaces it
Add missing_engine and drop_table tests for tableprototester
Add t1 test (missing engine) to TableProtoTester
Initial TableProtoTester engineOnly produce error in DropTable path if it's something interesting
Generate correct error if we have non-ER_CORRUPT_TABLE_DEFINITION error from engine in getting table definition
Test getting corrupt table definition error on DROP TABLEIf error reading table proto in DROP TABLE code path, do a simple error out
Use DROP TABLE instead of --remove_file in corrupt_table_01missing_engine test to remove corrupt table protoMove corrupt table proto tests to main test suite
Throw ER_CORRUPT_TABLE_DEFINITION in drizzled::parse_table_proto() on corrupt proto passed in for parsing
Correctly throw a ER_CORRUPT_TABLE_DEFINITION error message from BlackholeEngine if reading t
able proto message fails
Modify storage_engine.cc code so that errors are reported back to the user correctly
Fix corrupt_table_message01_missing_engine test and result file for what behavior should be: return ER_CORRUPT_TABLE_DEFINITION
Add test for reading invalid table proto use BLACKHOLE engine as we're a bit lazy and its file format is just the serialised proto anyway
Add a table to table_write missing a StorageEngine message (a required field)Add checking of valid table number to table_writer
Add some basic command line parsing to table_writer In prep for writing several table messages of varying correctnessFix table_write to write a valid Table protobuf message
enum_field_types_to_field_message_type() now not static, so it can be used by others (create temp table)
Move conversion of enum_field_types to Field protobuf message type out into function so it can be reused in tmp table codeMove creating the file name for internal temporary table into a function so we can use it in both the current create_tmp_table() and the new create_internal_temporary_table() function that will use normal create table interfaces
Fix accidental mangling of comments Item::save_in_field_no_warnings() was dead code
Remove old and unused find_field_in_table_sef() which wasn't being called anywhere
Remove unused parameter to create_tmp_field() - was table_cant_handle_bit_fields which was around for HEAP based temp tables
Cleanup trailing whitespace
It turns out that bit_fields_as_long in tmp_table_param is in fact unused remove it
Simply semantic that 0 is not a pointer, NULL is the null pointer, not 0 in sql_union.cc

Revision 1286 - 2010-02-09
Fixed a style variance
Fixed the const argument so that Sun Studio is happy
Added --plugin-remove option, which prunes plugins from the list of plugins to be loaded
Added string tokenizing template function

Revision 1285 - 2010-02-06
Move includes from drizzled/sql_yacc.yy to drizzled/parser.h

Revision 1284 - 2010-02-05
Removed some dead code
Remove code which adds skip options for plugins, since that's not how we control plugin loading

Revision 1283 - 2010-02-04
Removed test testing transaction_prealloc_size - we no longer have this variable
Put everything in drizzled into drizzled namespace
Removed a lot of the extra extern "C" references
Remove open tables, other assorted code bits (cleanup on style)

Revision 1282 - 2010-02-04
add make target for japanese tests

Revision 1281 - 2010-02-04
Dead code removal
Remove some of the old Vars we do not use/allow plugins to use
Fixing test cases/removed dead optimizer switches
Correct cpplint issue with header guard on drizzled/named_savepoint.h
Remove last vestiges of savepoint_alloc_size, savepoint_offset, and SAVEPOINT struct
Significantly rework the way that savepoints are handled

Revision 1280 - 2010-02-01
Fix for bad build

Revision 1279 - 2010-01-31
Remove show engine status, and show open tables which no longer applies in our design

Revision 1278 - 2010-01-31
Change Session::warn_id to Session::warn_query_id
Make Session::query_id and Session::warn_query_id private members
Add getters and setters for above members
Change ReplicationServices::initTransactionMessage() to use Session::getQueryId() instead of Session::getTransactionId()

Revision 1277 - 2010-01-29
clean up japanese tests, remove tests that no longer apply
In test-run.pl change mysql_version_id to drizzle_version_id

Revision 1276 - 2010-01-28
Corrected a valgrind warning due to using std::string in the Select_Lex class
Replaced a DYNAMIC_ARRAY with std::vector in the range optimizer
Modified classes to have names in camel case instead of all upper case
Added default constructors to the Parameter and RangeParameter classes within the optimizer namespace
Correcting the case of a number of classes in the optimizer to adhere to the coding standards
Removed the use of the TRP acronym in places and instead replaced it with ReadPlan as TRP stands for Table Read Plan
Modified the case of TABLE_READ_PLAN to now be TableReadPlan
Replaced an instance of List with std::vector in the range optimizer

Revision 1275 - 2010-01-27
Remove the global using namespace std
Needed to scope the rot13::name reference to avoid grabbing a different global
Remove the converter not being used, and make the String setter copy the underlying string
Use an anonymous namespace unstead of adding a function declaration
Add version, author and license to the plugin.ini file
Merged string-conversion-functions into rot-13
Add in a rot 13 function

Revision 1274 - 2010-01-27
Remove dead code

4 blueprints and 9 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Packaging work for Embedded InnoDB Packaging work for Embedded InnoDB 4 High Monty Taylor  11 Implemented
XA - Refactor handling of SAVEPOINTs XA - Refactor handling of SAVEPOINTs 4 High Jay Pipes  11 Implemented
Review japanese tests in test suite Review japanese tests in test suite 3 Medium Lee Bieber  11 Implemented
Embedded InnoDB autofoo Embedded InnoDB autofoo 1 Undefined Stewart Smith  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
519889 #519889 Valgrind Issue in set_filtered_tables 2 Critical Padraig O'Sullivan  10 Fix Released
519889 #519889 Valgrind Issue in set_filtered_tables 2 Critical Padraig O'Sullivan  10 Fix Released
520040 #520040 plugins with duplicate names do not throw error 2 Critical Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
520040 #520040 plugins with duplicate names do not throw error 2 Critical Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
499974 #499974 Tests fail to connect if http auth is not enabled 3 High Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
516900 #516900 dropping table with corrupt table proto message results in segv 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
516900 #516900 dropping table with corrupt table proto message results in segv 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
516902 #516902 corrupt table proto does not error out correctly in open table 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
516902 #516902 corrupt table proto does not error out correctly in open table 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
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