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Lee Bieber
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2 Brian Aker, 1 Jay Pipes, 6 Monty Taylor, 1 Padraig O'Sullivan, 1 Stewart Smith
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Revision 1317 - 2010-03-01
Fix for OSX builds
Merge of show work (updates, a bit faster)
Updating to add support for Identifier
Update to use table identifier
Minor name cleanup
Simplify dropTable() (will add exceptions right now)
Change in API to use reference
Updating interface around doesTablExist()
Small conversion for does()
Moved the build table stuff into table_identifier
Adding more tests
New version of show columns code
Update the code so use a faster index lookup method

Revision 1316 - 2010-03-01
Updated Innodb table functions
Rename populate* functions to conform to naming standards
Add drizzleslap tests
Add new tests, and fix counter in data_dictionary.cc that was off by one
Port last tables, and fix up tests
Add new tables
Move i_s methods to data_dictionary tables
Re-enable tests. Note issue in DESC (need to look at)
Moved reference to innodb plugin header to innodb plugin where it should be.
Also check for schema_writer in $builddir (which is $glob_builddir in mtr) so that distcheck and vpath builds work properly

Revision 1315 - 2010-02-28
Remove unused SCROLL_EXTRA define
Remove now unused SCALE_SEC and SCALE_USEC defines
Remove unused PROGDIR define
Remove unused and strange LIBLEN define
Remove unused SHOW_LOG_STATUS_FREE and INUSE defines
Remove unused f_packtype() macro
Remove unused MAXGTRIDSIZE and MAXBQUALSIZE definesRemove #undef remove. We do not care about SCO 5.0.0
Remove now unused MY_I_S_MAYBE_NULL and MY_I_S_UNSIGNED. old INFORMATION_SCHEMA defines
Remove unused HA_NOT_DELETE_WITH_CACHE define
Remove unused FIELD_NAME_USED and FIELD_NR_MASK defines
Remove unused FERR define. we just use -1 everywhere explicitly since that's rather standard
Remove unused CREATE_MODE defineRemove unused MIN_ROWS_TO_USE_BULK_INSERT define
TABLE_OPEN_CACHE_MIN should be used instead of unusedRemove unused macros: TRANS_ALLOC_BLOCK_SIZE and TRANS_ALLOC_PREALLOC_SIZE
Remove unused TEMP_POOL_SIZE define
move COLUMN_FORMAT_FLAGS define so it is with the other COLUMN_FLAGS defines in common.h
Remove unused COLUMN_FORMAT_SHIFT #define
Remove old and unused ME_INFO #define. Something to do with displaying info/errors
Remove unused mysys my_b_get_buffer_start macro
Remove unused mysys #define for MY_PACK_FILENAME
Remove now unused mysys #define ME_HIGHBYTE
Remove some unused mysys #defines about colors
Remove unused mysys ME_WAITTOT macro
Remove unused ME_NOCUR define
Remove unused HA_STATE_BUFF_SAVED define
Remove unused HA_STATE_NO_KEY define
Remove unused QUICK_USED define
Remove unused MBR_DATA define
Remove unused HA_KEYFLAG_MASK macro
Remove unused HA_MAX_KEYTYPE macro

Revision 1314 - 2010-02-28
Stopped using bind2 for now because of build error on centos
Added the plugin point for the query rewriting interface
Added query rewrite interface and plugin point

Revision 1313 - 2010-02-26
Remove dead code
Cleanup of rm schema
Small helper bit for dealing with lists of table_identifiers
Partial pass through replication code

Revision 1312 - 2010-02-26
Modest update to drop schema
Small update for test-run.pl
A number of fixes (including long directory names again)Dead code removal
Re-enabling test for OSX
Cache for SchemaMove IO for default DFE out of SE (more of)
This removes the special case read of proto from SE interface, down to schema for it to control

Revision 1311 - 2010-02-25
Fixed logging_gearman compilation from Padraig's session->query type change
Fixed a logic error on all the non-mac platformsFixed pandora stuff

Revision 1310 - 2010-02-25
Complete work of removing the weirdness around transaction boundaries in the storage engine API
Add a simple test case (to be expanded with future XA work) for transaction behavior
Final kill of n_mysql_tables_in_use
Automate registration of statement transaction resources
Remove dead ha_innobase::init_table_handle_for_HANDLER()
Remove dead Cursor::start_stmt()
Add plugin::StorageEngine::startStatement() and endStatement()
Add calls in drizzled/lock.cc to notify involved storage engines about the start and end of an SQL statement
Remove StorageEngine::start_consitent_snapshot() and StorageEngine::enable(), disable() and is_enabled()

Revision 1309 - 2010-02-24
Merge schema changes
Fix dropSchema()
Performance patch... we now only cycle through engines that actually have schema dictionary code
More cleanup on ALTER SCHEMA
Move schema writing code to schema engine plugin
Move Alter schema to SE interface
createSchema() now works via SE interface
Remove calls to create data_dictionary schema, this is handled now entirely in the SE interface
Updated meta calls for data_dictionary
Shuffled information_schema
Remove check_db_dir_existence
Remove meta data call from db.cc
Add doesSchemaExist() method
Fixing charset return
Adding on more bits for schema engine
Basic engine with test
Update for test run to write out good opt files
Added binary to ignore
Remove stray std::cerr
Adding in schema_writer tool schemas).
Restore temporary tables back to being viewable via show/select
Add support for listing temporay tables from show commands
Remove the original info_schema system for the server. More still to cut
Remove the old columns I_S table
Updates for DESC
Correctly set FieldOptions default_null in table proto
First pass through show indexs
Update for show fields

Revision 1308 - 2010-02-23
Convert UUID() to plugin
Move the libuuid requirement to the UUID() function plugin as it's not neeeded anywhere else
Add parser hooks for substr being a plugin
move HEX() and UNHEX() to hex_functions plugin
make REVERSE() a plugin instead of built in function.
Generalize the code for such keyword functions into reserved_keyword_function() in sql_yacc
move DATABASE() to function plugin. modify parser so that it looks for a function named 'database' when DATABASE() is called

Revision 1307 - 2010-02-22
Merge with query rewrite tree to change the query member in Session to std::string
Updated the calls to dtrace probes to use the c_str() pointer from query in Session
Updated query rewriting API to conform to coding standards
Corrected the issue with empty queries
Removed the found_semicolon member from the parsing stage
Changed the query member of Session to be std::string
Removed the isEnabled() method from the QueryRewriter base class
Started adding plugin which will rewrite SHOW commands
Added a simple test suite to enable the pointless query rewriter.
Modified the call to mysql_parse so that it now takes the rewritten query
Modified the simple lower_rewriter plugin so it is not enabled by default
Put the plugin point for a query rewriter in the dispatch_command method instead of the executeStatement method
Added simple plugin which simply converts the query to lower case

Revision 1306 - 2010-02-19
Lint fixes
Revert information_schema test, dont include it with these changes
Fix up tests to create data dictionary schema if it does not already exist
Port memcached stats plugin to use data_dictionary
Fix problem with schema not being created if the tests are run stand alone

Revision 1305 - 2010-02-19
Fix for include.am having non-existent transaction_context.cc
Fix missing files in include.am after merging trunk
Complete the first step in the splitting of the XA resource manager API from the storage engine API
Style cleanup around TransactionContext::modified_non_trans_table and dead code removal
Cleanup style and documentation for ResourceContext and setTransactionReadWrite
Rename Ha_trx_info to drizzled::ResourceContext
Rename Sesssion_TRANS to drizzled::TransactionContext
Replace homegrown linked-lists of Ha_trx_info pointers with vector<drizzled::ResourceContext> operations
Rename Session::getEngineInfo() to Session::getResourceContext()
Simple renames of plugin::StorageEngine methods for XA interaction to meet style guidelines

5 blueprints and 6 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Query Rewrite Plugin Query Rewrite Plugin 4 High Padraig O'Sullivan  11 Implemented
XA - Explicit startTransaction() call XA - Explicit startTransaction() call 4 High Jay Pipes  11 Implemented
Move special datatypes into drizzled:: namespace Move special datatypes into drizzled:: namespace 4 High Monty Taylor  11 Implemented
Put everything found in drizzled/internal into the drizzled::internal:: namespace Put everything found in drizzled/internal into the drizzled::internal:: namespace 4 High Monty Taylor  11 Implemented
Hex function cleanup Hex function cleanup 2 Low Stewart Smith  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
530391 #530391 Build failures in drizzled/plugin/table_function on several platforms 2 Critical Brian Aker  10 Fix Released
530391 #530391 Build failures in drizzled/plugin/table_function on several platforms 2 Critical Brian Aker  10 Fix Released
481188 #481188 configure not checking libpam headers 3 High Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
481188 #481188 configure not checking libpam headers 3 High Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
499944 #499944 some plugin tests are executed even when plugin is disabled 3 High Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
499944 #499944 some plugin tests are executed even when plugin is disabled 3 High Monty Taylor  10 Fix Released
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