Dave's Stupid Accountant 0.1.1

Second release. Some enhancements, the beginning of a report engine, and some important bugfixes.

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Dave's Stupid Accountant
Dave Fancella
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Release notes 

This was just the second release. Added two reports to start work on the reporting engine and fixed some annoying bugs.


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Changes since 0.1.0:

* Enhancement: Added support for a report stylesheet to themes and moved themes to a special directory.
* Enhancement: Changed widget stylesheet extension to .css so syntax highlighters will understand it.
* Enhancement: Made the treeview in the system theme a little prettier using the example images from qt documentation.
* Budgeting: If you change the amount for the account, all budgeted amounts starting from the current interval are updated with the new amount.
* New Report: Check Report
* New Report: General Ledger
* Bug fix: When creating a new transaction in the ledger, the transaction editor wasn't getting cleared. Now it is.
* Bug fix: Leap years weren't being accounted for in the dashboard, but they were being accounted for while making budget records, resulting in a useless view for February in a leap year.
* Bug fix: Disabled MySQL actions, since mysql support doesn't work yet.
* Bug fix: When a transaction that has been synced is disabled, the import record wasn't being updated, so the next new transaction that took that id took its place in the sync, which is incorrect behavior.

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