Duplicity 0.6.22 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2013-08-22

New in v0.6.22 (2013/08/22)
* Applied patches from Laszlo Ersek to rdiffdir to "consume a chain of sigtar
  files in rdiffdir delta mode" which supports incremental sigtar files.
* Merged in lp:~jnoster/duplicity/dpbx-added
  - Add Dropbox backend
  - NB! In order to use the backend one must:
    1. Install Dropbox Python SDK first.
    2. Run the duplicity with Dropbox backend (dpbx://) first time
       *interactively* to catch and follow the oAuth URL.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/verify.data
  - add switch --compare-data, to selectively enable formerly always disabled
    data comparison on verify runs
* Merged in lp:~tblue/duplicity/paramiko-1.10.0
  - This fixes bug #1156746, making the Paramiko backend compatible with
    Paramiko 1.10.0. It keeps compatibility with older Paramiko versions.
* Merged in lp:~townsend/duplicity/fix-1161599-2
  - The fix in revno. 912 didn't take into account that the parameter "body"
    passed into request() is overloaded, so when it was NULL or of a type other
    than file, it would fail. This checks if "body" is of type "file" before
    actually seek()'ing back to the beginning of the file.
* Merged in lp:~tblue/duplicity/paramiko-fix-delete-retry
  - This fixes bug #1115715, which is really annoying. Basically it makes
    using the Paramiko backend with the default settings impossible.
* Merged in lp:~juan-f/duplicity/progress
  - From time ago, there are people asking for a progress bar estimation in duplicity.
    There is even a script that circumvents the issue, getting info from the log so as
    to estimate the progress status ( https://github.com/quentin/Duplicity-progress )
    but does not give enough feedback and the estimation is rather plain.
  - I have developed a set of heuristics that gather information from the deltas and
    the transfer ratios of the backend so as to forecast % of progress, estimation of
    remaining time and average speed, for both full and incremental backup uploads.
  - The current implementation works for boto backend, but to port the other backends
    to use this feature would be quite easy (we can discuss the details if interested).
  - The algorithm is activated by the --progress command line flag, and will perform a
    first-pass dry-run to collect evidence for all the deltas. Next it will trigger the
    real upload, while a thread statistically estimates the ratio of changes and
    compression for the data in/out, and uses these ratios to forecast time remaining
    and % of completion.
  - The progress data will be logged each 3 seconds, or the --progress-rate flag.
* Merged in lp:~jnoster/duplicity/dpbx-added
  - The application key was approved as "production" one after some changes to the code
    to suit the requirements of Dropbox team (the keys are now obfuscated, for instance).
* Applied blocksize.patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/duplicity/+bug/897423
  - New option --max-blocksize (default 2048) to allow increasing delta blocksize.
* Applied duplicity-ftps.patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/duplicity/+bug/1104069
  - Don't try to delete an empty file list.
* Merged in lp:~scowcron/duplicity/ftp_password_pexpect
  - Use common backend.Backend get_password() rather than _ssh_pexpect.py specific code.
* Merged in lp:~mhu-s/duplicity/swiftbackend
  - This branch adds support for Swift, the OpenStack Object Storage service. See
* Merged in lp:~verb/duplicity/boto-gcs
  - These patches add support for Google Cloud Storage via the boto backend.
  - boto has supported GCS in interoperability mode for a few years now. This change
    adds support by taking advantage of boto's storage_uri abstraction layer.
* Merged in lp:~ckornacker/duplicity/megacloud
  - Add support for Mega (mega.co.nz) backend.
* Applied patch from Eric S Raymond to man page to fix markup problems.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/man.page
  - update paramiko links
  - add command parameters to synopsis
  - add --compare-data
  - some polishing and several improvements

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