Duplicity 0.7.01 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2015-01-11

New in v0.7.01 (2015/01/11)
* Undid move of testing/test_code.py. Instead I fixed it
  so that it would not run during PPA build. It now needs
  the setting RUN_CODE_TESTS=1 in the environment which is
  supplied in the tox.ini file.
* Moved testing/test_code.py to testing/manual/code_test.py
  so PPA builds would succeed. Should be moved back later.
* Remove valid_extension() check from file_naming.py. It was
  causing failed tests for short filenames. Thanks edso.
* Partial fix for PPA build failures, new backend name.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/fix.dpbx.import
  - fix dpbx import error import lazily
* Merged in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/fix-typo-in-test-description
  - Fixed spelling mistake/typo in a description of a test.
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/missing-unicode-escape
  - Convert restore_dir to unicode before printing.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/lftp.ncftp.and.prefixes
  - retire --ssh-backend, --use-scp parameters
  - introduce scheme prefixes for alternative backend selection
    e.g. ncftp+ftp://, see manpage
  - scp is now selected via scheme e.g. scp://
  - added lftp fish, webdav(s), sftp support
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/code-nits
  - Fix some pylint/pep8 nits that prevented the test_code.py test from passing.
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/debian-dir
  - Add a debian/ directory to make it easier to manage the PPAs for duplicity.
* In webdavbackend.py:
  - Fixed bug 1396106 with change by Tim Ruffing, mispelled member.
  - Added missing 'self.' before member in error message.
* Merged in lp:~adrien-delhorme/duplicity/hubic
  - Add Hubic support through pyrax and a custom pyrax_identity module.
* Fixed bug 1385599 with changes by Yannick Molin. SSL settings are now
  conditioned on protocol ftp or ftps.
* Partial fix of bug 1236248 with changes by az, manpage warning about
  --extra-clean, however, recovery with missing sig files is broken.
* Fixed bug 1255453 with changes by Gaudenz Steinlin, report backend import
  results, both normal and failed, at INFO log level.
* Manually merged in lp:~m4ktub/duplicity/0.6-reliability
  - Per fix proposed in Bug #1395341.
* Modded .bzrignore to ignore *.egg test dependencies, normalized, sorted.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/paramiko.identyfile
  - fix identity file parsing of --ssh-options for paramiko
  - manpage fixes
* Source formatted, using PyDev, all source files to fix some easily fixed
  PEP8 issues. Use ignore space when comparing against previous versions.
* Merge in lp:~andol/duplicity/signkeyformat
  - Allow --sign-key to use short format, long format alt. full fingerprint.
* Merge in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/verify-not-check-source
  - Tests to validate that duplicity does not check filesystem source during
    verify unless --compare-data is specified
* Merge in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/move_netloc
  - move netloc usage definitions into respective backends
  - fix "[Question #259173]: rsync backend fails"
* Make ssh an unsupported backend scheme
* Temporarily disable RsyncBackendTest and test_verify_changed_source_file
* Merge in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/test-verify-improvements
  - Fix up test_verify, which was a bit of a mess:
  - Simplify test_verify.py to just do a simple backup and verify on a
    single file in each test.
  - Modify tests to correctly use --compare-data option.
  - Add tests for when the source files have atime/mtime manipulated.
* Fix duplicity verify to ignore the file system when globals.compare_data is
  False. This means that verify only validates the viability of the backup
  itself unless --compare-data is specified.
* Reenable test_verify_changed_source_file test
* Merged in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/add-additional-verify-tests-for-corrupted-archives
  - Add tests to test_verify.py to test that verify fails if the archive
    file is corrupted. Changed file objects to use the with keyword to ensure
    that the file is properly closed.
  - Small edit to find statement in verify_test.sh to make it work as
    expected (enclose string in quotes).
* Merged in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/add-else-to-badupload-try-except
  - Badupload test previously did not have an else in the try-except. The
    test passed if the except was triggered, but would also pass if the
    test did not trigger an error at all.
* Fixed bug 1406173 by applying patch supplied in report
  - Ignore .par2 files in remote file list
* Removed redundant shell test testing/verify_test.sh
* Misc fixes for the following PEP8 issues:
   - E211, E221, E222, E225, E226, E228
   - see http://pep8.readthedocs.org
* Fixed bug 1278529 by applying patch supplied in report
  - Use get_bucket() rather than lookup() on S3 to get proper error msg.
* Merged in lp:~stapelberg+ubuntu/duplicity/add-onedrive-backend
  - Add a Microsoft OneDrive backend
* Merged in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/filelist_select_bug_1408411
  - Adds functional test cases that fail because of Bug #1408411 (commented
    out), to assist in fixing that bug.
* Merged in lp:~hooloovoo/duplicity/process_filelists_for_spaces_etc
  - Process filelists to remove imperfections such as blank lines, comments
    and leading/trailing whitespace. Also correctly processes quoted folders
    containing spaces in their names. Extensive unit and functional tests to
    test these changes (and selection more generally).
  - The branch does add an additional folder to testfiles.tar.gz called
    select2. This included a folder with a trailing space, to test the quote
    test. The subfolders also have clearer names than in the "select" folder
    (eg "1sub2sub3") which makes it easier to keep track of issues in tests.
* Merged in lp:~9-sa/duplicity/FixBug1408289
  - Fix bug #1408289
  - Wrong attribute name prevented raise of client exception, working now
* Merged in lp:~noizyland/duplicity/azurebackend
  - Add backend for Azure Blob Storage Service

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