Duplicity 0.7.03 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2015-05-11

New in v0.7.03 (2015/05/11)
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/filelist_combine
  - Merged globbing and non-globbing filelists to use the same code path
    and all accept globbing characters. Added deprecation warning to the
    --exclude-globbing-filelist and include-globbing-filelist options in
    commandline.py and hid them from help output. Updated the manual
    (and unit tests) accordingly.
  - Note that this does trigger a change in behaviour for duplicity.
    Previously, include patterns in include-filelist did not match files
    in a directory that was included, so /usr/local in an include file
    would not have matched /usr/local/doc. Now, this folder would be
    included, as would occur if --include or the old
    --include-globbing-filelist was used. Additional lines will therefore
    need to be added to filelists to unambiguously exclude unwanted
    subfolders, if this is intended.
  - Mark --include-filelist-stdin and --exclude-fielist-stdin for
    deprecation and hide from --help output.
* Fix bug 1432999 with hint from Antoine Afalo.
  - '/'s at end of destination cause problems with onedrivebackend.
* Fix bug 1434702 with help from Robin Nehls
  - incorrect response BackendException while downloading signatures file.
* Fix bug 1437789 with patch from pdf
  - par2backend.py incorrect syntax in get()
* Merge in lp:~stynor/duplicity/multi-backend
  - A new backend that allows use of more than one backend stores (e.g. to
    combine the available space from more than one cloud provider to make
    a larger store available to duplicity).
* Move requirements section lower in manpage.
* Merge in lp:~cemsbr/duplicity/duplicity
  - Fix bug 1432229 in Copy.com backend:
    Reply header has no content-type for JSON detection. Now, we also check
    whether the content starts with '{'.
* Fixed bug 1444404 with patch from Samu Nuutamo
  - rdiffdir patch crashes if a regular file is changed to a non-regular
    file (symlink, fifo, ...)
* Fixed bug 1448249 and bug 1449151 thanks to David Coppit.
  - When patching, close base file before renaming
  - Enable --ignore-errors flag in rdiffdir
* Added ability to get single file status from collection-status with
  patch from jitao (bug 1044715), like so:
  $ duplicity collection-status --file-changed c1 file://./foo
* Merge in lp:~sjakthol/duplicity/onedrive-error-message
  - Add proper error message for OneDrive backend when python-requests or
    python-requests-oauthlib is not installed (bug 1453355).

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