Duplicity 0.7.07 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2016-04-10

New in v0.7.07 (2016/04/10)
* Merged in lp:~matthew-t-bentley/duplicity/b2
  - Fix import and error typos.
  - Allow multiple backups in the same bucket.
  - Fixes bug #1523498.
  - A couple fixes allowing multiple backups to be hosted in different
    folders in the same bucket as well as some logging for -v9.
* Random stuff:
  - remove RPM stuff from makedist
  - have makedist pull directly from VCS, not local dir
  - update po translation directory and build process
  - clean up some odd error messages
  - move Pep8 ignores to tox.ini
  - supply correct path for pydevd under Mac
  - fix some tests to run under Linux and Mac
* Partial fix for bug #1529606 - shell code injection in lftpbackend
  - still need to fix the other backends that spawn shell commands
* Make test_restart compatible with both GNUtar and BSDtar
* Fix stupid issue with functional test path for duplicity
* Applied patch from shaochun to fix bug #1531154,
  - --file-changed failed when file contains spaces
* Applied patch from abeverly to fix bug #1475890
  - allow port to be specified along with hostname on S3
  - adjusted help text and man page to reflect the change
* Undo changes to test_restart.py. GNU tar is needed.
* Fix minor pep8 nit in collections.py
* Applied changes from ralle-ubuntu to fix bug 1072130.
  - duplicity does not support ftpes://
* Fixed bug #1296793 - Failed to create bucket
  - use S3Connection.lookup() to check bucket exists
  - skips Boto's Exception processing for this check
  - dupe of bug #1507109 and bug #1537185
* Merged in lp:~mifchip/duplicity/duplicity
  - fix bug #1313964, absolute path doesn't work for FTP
* Merged in lp:~fpytloun/duplicity/webdav-gssapi
  - support GSSAPI authentication in webdav backend
* Add more pylint ignore warnings tags
* Adjust so test_restart.py can run on Mac as well
* Fix for bug #1538333 - assert filecount == len(self.files_changed)
  - added flush after every write for all FileobjHooked files which
    should prevent some errors when duplicity is forcibly closed.
* Fix bug #1540279 - mistake in --help
* Applied patch from kay-diam to fix error handling in ssh pexpect,
  fixes bug #1541314
* Fixed a patching error in ssh_pexpect_backend.py
* Merged in lp:~fpytloun/duplicity/webdav-gssapi-fix
  - Make kerberos optional for webdav backend
* Merged in lp:~harningt/duplicity/multibackend-mirror
  - This changeset addresses multibackend handling to permit a
    mirroring option in addition to its "stripe" mode to make it
    a redundancy tool vs space-expansion tool. To do this without
    changing the configuration too much, I used the query string
    that would generally go unused for files to specify behavior
    that applies to all items inside the configuration file.
* Added acdclibackend.py from Stefan Breunig and Malay Shah
  - renamed from amazoncloudbackend to stress use of acd_cli
* Fixed some 2to3 and Pep8 issues that had crept in
* Backed out changes made by patching for bug #1541314. These
  patches should not have been applied to the 0.7 series.
* Merged in lp:~rye/duplicity/mediafire
  - Backend for https://www.mediafire.com
  - Requires https://pypi.python.org/pypi/mediafire/ installed.
* Reverted changes made in rev 1164 w.r.t. getting the source from
  VCS rather than local directory. Fixes bug #1548080.
* More fixes to dist/makedist to make it more OS agnostic.
* Merged in lp:~ed.so/duplicity/webdav.lftp.ssl-overhaul
    duplicity.1, commandline.py, globals.py
    - added --ssl-cacert-path parameter
    - make sure url path component is properly url decoded,
      in case it contains special chars (eg. @ or space)
    - quote _all_ cmd line params
    - added missing lftp+ftpes protocol
    - fix empty list result when chdir failed silently
    - added ssl_cacert_path support
    - add ssl default context support for python 2.7.9+
      (using system certs eg. in /etc/ssl/certs)
    - added ssl_cacert_path support for python 2.7.9+
    - gettext wrapped all log messages
    - minor refinements
* Applied patch from Dmitry Nezhevenko to upgrade dropbox backend:
  - update to SDK v2
  - use chunked upload
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/improve_present_get_sf_man_page
  - Improve man page entry for --exclude-if-present
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/split_glob_matching_from_select
  - Move glob matching code out of selection.py's Select function and
    into globmatch.py.
* Fix bug reported on the mailing list from Mark Grandi (assertion error
  while backing up). In file_naming.parse() the filename was being lower
  cased prior to parsing. If you had used a prefix with mixed case, we
  were writing the file properly, but could not find it in the backend.
* Merged in lp:~duplicity-team/duplicity/po-updates

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