Duplicity Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2016-04-19

New in v0.7.07.1 (2016/04/19)
* Fixed bug #1568677 duplicity fails to use existing S3 bucket in boto backend
  - bug introduced by incomplete fix of bug #1296793
  - simplified setting of bucket locations
* Fixed bug #1569523 get_bucket unknown keyword location and my_location name error
  - bug introduced in improper fix of bug #1568677
  - gotta love those inconsistent APIs
* Fixed bug #1571134 incompatible with python-oauth2client version 2.x
  and #1558155 PyDrive backend broken, needs update to oauth2client library
  - used patch from https://bugs.debian.org/820725 but made changes
    to allow the user to continue using the old version
* Fixed bug #1570293 duplicity is very slow due to excessive fsync
  - removed flush() after write.
  - revert to previous version

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