Duplicity 0.8.04 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2019-08-31

New in v0.8.04 (2019/08/31)
* Fixed bug #1839728 with info from Avleen Vig
  - b2 backend requires additional import
* Fixed bug #1839886 with hint from denick
  - Duplicity crashes when using --file-prefix
* Removed socket.settimeout from backend.py.
  It was already set in commandline.py.
* Removed pycryptopp from README requirements
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/08-snap-python2
  - Add packaging code for Snapcraft/Snap packages
* Fixed build on Launchpad for 0.8.x, so now there is a new PPA at
* Ran futurize selectively filter-by-filter to find the ones that work.
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/08-README-TESTING
  - Change README-TESTING to be correct for running individual tests
    now that we have moved to Tox/Pytest.
* Merged in lp:~kaffeekiffer/duplicity/azure-filename
  - Encode Azure back-end paths
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/08-docker-local-import
  - Convert the Docker infrastructure to pull the local branch into
    duplicity_test. This allows testing the local branch with the
    known-good Docker environment, even if it has not yet been
    committed to trunk.
  - As a consequence, remove the -r option to build-duplicity_test.sh.
    This functionality can be achieved by branching that revision
    before running the script.
* Made some changes to the Docker infrastructure:
  - All scripts run from any directory, assuming directory
    structure remains the same.
  - Changed from Docker's COPY internal command which is slow to
    using external rsync which is faster and allows excludes.
  - Removed a couple of unused files.
* Merged in translation updates

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