Duplicity 0.8.05 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2019-10-06

New in v0.8.05 (2019/10/06)
* Changed dist/makedist to fall back to dist/relfiles.txt
  in case bzr or git is not available to get files list.
  Tox sdist needs setup.py which needs dist/makedist.
* Updatated LINGUAS file to add four new translations.
* Set to allow pydevd usage during tox testing.
* Adjust exclusion list for rsync into duplicity_test.
* Fix exc.args handling. Sometimes it's (message, int),
  other times its (int, message). We look for the
  message and use that for the exception report.
* Added more python future includes to support using
  python3 code mixed with python2.
* Sort of fix bugs #1836887 and #1836888 by skipping the
  tests under question when running on ppc64el machines.
* Fix MacOS tempfile selection to avoid /tmp and /var/tmp. See:
* Add testenv:coverage and took it out of defaults. Some cleanup.
* Clean up some pylint warnings.
* Fixed bug #1843995 - B2 fails on string concatenation.
  - use util.fsdecode() to get a string not bytes.
* Fixed bug #1844750 - RsyncBackend fails if used with multi-backend.
  - used patch provided by KDM to fix.
* Fixed bug reported on maillist - Python error in Webdav backend. See:
* Fixed bug #1846167 - webdavbackend.py: expected bytes-like object, not str
  - base64 now returns bytes where it used to be strings, so just decode().
* Fixed bug #1844950 - ssh-pexpect backend syntax error
  - put the global before the import.
* Fixed bug #1846678 - --exclude-device-files and -other-filesystems crashes
  - assuming all options had arguments was fixed.
* Merged in translation updates

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