Duplicity 0.8.06 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2019-11-05

New in v0.8.06 (2019/11/05)
* Removed a setting in tox.ini that causes coverage to
  be activated during testing duplicity.
* Fixed Resouce warnings when using paramiko. It turns out
  that duplicity's ssh_paramiko_backend.py was not handling
  warning suppression and ended up clearing all warnings,
  including those that default to off.
* Updated b2 backend to work with both v0 and v1 of b2sdk
* Fixed bug #1847885 - B2 fails on string concatenation.
  - use util.fsdecode() to get a string not bytes.
  - Partially fixed in bug #1843995, this applies same fix to
    remaining instances of the problem
* Fixed bug #1848203 with patch from Michael Apozyan
  - convert to integer division
* Fixed bug #1626061 with patch from Michael Apozyan
  - While doing multipart upload to s3 we need to report the
    total size of uploaded data, and not the size of each part
    individually. So we need to keep track of all parts
    uploaded so far and sum it up on the fly.
* Fixed bug #1848783 with patch from Jacob Middag
  - Don't use byte strings in regex
* Fixed bug #1848166 - Swift backend fails on string concat
  - added util.fsdecode() where needed
* Fixed bug #1849661 with patch from Graham Cobb
  - The problem is that b2backend uses 'quote_plus' on the
    destination URL without specifying the 'safe' argument as
    '/'. Note that 'quote' defaults 'safe' to '/', but
    'quote_plus' does not!
* Added additional fsdecode's to uses of local_path.name and
  source_path.name in b2backend's _get() and _put. See bug
  #1847885 for more details.
* Removed a couple of disables from pylint code test.
  - E1103 - Maybe has no member
  - E0712 - Catching an exception which doesn't inherit from BaseException
* Revisited bug #1848783 - par2+webdav raises TypeError on Python 3
  - Fixed so bytes filenames were compared as unicode in re.match()
* Removed file() call in swiftbackend. It's been deprecated since py2.
* Updated snapcraft.yaml to include rdiffdir and did some reformatting.
* Updated snapcraft.yaml to remove rdiffdir and add libatm1 to stage.
* Updated snapcraft.yaml to remove python-lockfile and fix spelling.
* Merged in translation updates

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