Duplicity 0.8.07 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2019-11-14

New in v0.8.07 (2019/11/14)
* Added b2sdk to snapcraft.yaml
* Fixed bug #1850440 with suggestion from Paolo Montrasio
  - TypeError: Can't mix strings and bytes in path components
* Fixed bug #1850990 with suggestion from Jon Wilson
  - --s3-use-glacier and --no-encryption cause slow backups
* Added dist/makesnap to make spaps automagically.
* Fixed bug #1851167 with help from Aspen Barnes
  - Had Popen() to return strings not bytes
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/pydrive-cache-fix
  - The pydrive backend had another of the ongoing bytes/string issues. :)
  - This time, it was saving a bytes filename in its internal cache after
    each volume upload. Then when asked for a list of files later, it
    would add the byte-filenames from its cache to the results.
    And we'd end up thinking there were two of the same filename on the backend,
    which would cause a crash at the end of an otherwise successful backup,
    because the collections code would assert on the filenames being unique.
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/resume-encrypt-no-pass
  - This branch arose from a Debian patch that has been disabling the
    encryption validation of volume1 during restarts for years.
  - Debian has been preserving the ability to back up with just an encrypt
    key and no password (i.e. to have no secrets on the backup machine).
* Fixed bug #1851727 - InvalidBackendURL for multi backend
  - Encode to utf8 only on Python2, otherwise leave as unicode
* Merged in translation updates

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